Union Indoctrination In Junior High?

Liz Shuler, the Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO speaking at a progressive conference on 4.6.2010 about going into junior high school to teach the younger students about what the unions can do for them in regards to their futures and social justice.

By Logistics Monster


  • Oh please the only reason the unions would go into junior high or high school is for the benefit of the teachers union, you know keep sending the message that unions are great.See how wonderful unions are in New Jersey, calling for the death of the Gov. Unions are not going to help these kids learn the skills they will need in order to be successful in this life, unions are serving their own agenda, trying to recruit another generation of drones to keep filling the coffers of the union leadership.

  • NormaJean -

    I don’t know how the rest of you feel about social justice and the need to care for one another given the advise Obama now seeks….but, there are a few scriptural facts which need to be resurrected. Personally, I’m getting a little sick of the perverted spin the progressives are trying to put upon us. As a Christian, Jesus Christ was our greatest teacher. Through his earthly ministry, he taught the multitudes not only through his word, but through his actions. He told his followers to love one another. He showed through example the importance of kindness and service. He taught us to be charitable and selfless.

    But, we are instructed the acts of ‘social justice’ should come from the heart of the individual and not from the government. He meant you, the individual. Christ taught we, as individuals are to have concern, not that we were to use the government to force it. He NEVER taught ‘social justice’ in the sense that the Romans should be forced to provide for the needs of the people. If your church leaders are calling you to let government have excessive control over society, they are NOT preaching the Gospel. Individuals or congregations have a concern for the poor and the needy. The founders of this great nation in writing the Constitution never envisioned this role to belong to the Federal Government.

    Jesus Christ was not a Marxist. He didn’t advocate giving to the poor to equalize status, he advocated giving to the poor to promote fraternal love of individuals for one another. In fact, when the poor window women gave her last pence, Jesus did not suggest she keep it in an attempt to equalize her station, he lauded her and said how much more her offering was because she gave everything she had to give. Her offering was more than rich men who gave a thousand times her offering.

    The Gospel of Christ doesn’t promote status equality through government re-distribution. What Christ does promote, is individual decisions to help our neighbors. It does promote the fraternal love when charitable acts are preformed for another human being. Jesus taught that charity is the greatest gift a person can have, to give without expectation of recompense. This charity creates a bond of love between the individuals and NO amount of government re-distribution can create these bonds, This includes the Unions..

    • So true every word you have written and in Revelations it is revealed the judgment will begin with the house of God. For all those false prophets and teachers you will be the first to be judged.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I have worked in jobs where I belonged to unions and the two times I needed help from them in over 30 years or so, they were no help at all. All I did was pay expensive dues every year.

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