Dick Morris Drops Bombshell About Janet Reno And Waco

Sean Hannity was interviewing Dick Morris yesterday, 4.19.2010, when he dropped a bombshell about former Pres. Clinton, Janet Reno, and Waco. My question would be, why did Dick Morris have to wait so long to impart that little tidbit?

“…Clinton told me: “that I couldn’t not appoint Reno, because she would have turned on me over Waco. That’s the phrase he used.”

By Logistics Monster


  • Well it seems the skeletons are coming out of the closet, long overdue I would say. It is no secret that Morris hates the Clinton’s and I am sure it is mutual but Morris did put himself out there with this and for that I thank him. So much more he could share but I am sure he is not ready to leave this life.

  • We all know how the people associated with the clintons who spoke out ended up having an untimely death….Dick morris had better watch his back. because they (clintons) are still out there.

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