pResident Wants A Thank You; Rush Obliges

Yesterday, the pResident made a statement at a fundraiser being held at Gloria Estefan’s Miami mansion about how the American people should be thanking him for the tax cuts in the ‘Recovery Act’. Rush decided to oblige him today.

As many of you know, our taxes have not gone down; many are set to increase in 2011 when the Bush tax cuts expire, and many new taxes have started because of Obamacare. Go here to see this:

Bambi obviously believes what he is saying, so who is he really talking to, and are the democratic contributors shelling out $30K per person really that stupid or is there something more to the story?

By Logistics Monster

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  • He is such a tool. You’d think his handlers would feed his teleprompter with the right words so as not to make it so obvious.

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