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My two favorites signs from this video of the Tax Day Tea Party in Washington, D.C. today.

and #2:

Karl Denninger of MarketTicker(go over there at least once a day!!!)

Michele Bachmann:

Ron Paul speaking at the rally:

Steve King:

Charles Payne in Richmond, Virginia:

Tea Party Infiltrator (Denver). I laughed my butt off over this guy and the tea party patriots’ ready response to him.

Various assorted videos from different cities across the country:
Denver, Colorado
Raleigh, North Carolina
St. Louis, Missouri
Chicago, Illinois
Pontiac, Michigan
Medina, Ohio
Grand Prairie, Texas
Kansas City, Kansas
Charleston, South Carolina
Jacksonville, Florida

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    That guy who looked to me old enough to know better was saying this year, the middle income people got a bit of a tax break. Oh yeah, then why is it that although I didn’t make more this year, I paid twice as much! What’s up with that? Did I have a 1040 fail? AYFKM??? It’s like this analogy, A Democrat will stand there watching a piano fall on him and keep telling everyone it’s just getting dark. A True Conservative knows to get out of the way.

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    About the Denver guy…the destruction of the WTC was not a terrorist attack, even though jihadist patsies were at the yokes of aircraft they didn’t know how to fly. The mindlessness of the way so-called patriots responded was pretty sad. If conservatism means that anything a Republican administration does is good, while anything a Democratic administration does is bad, then conservatism isn’t for me. Does that make me a “lefty plant” too? NO. The division caused by the left/right demarkation is planned that way, when the words of our Constitution should be uniting us. The criminals operating at the level where the demolition of the world trade centers was planned and executed don’t give a tinker’s damn about political parties, not when New World Order is all they care about. And just because a Republican Adminstration gives you their spin, it doesn’t mean it’s gospel truth. People who understand how buildings are constructed, and make it their livelihood to understand the way building materials behave under all conditions have spoken and they tell us the government lied to us on 9/11/2001. Other evidence and common sense shoots the government story full of holes. As someone who knows about controlled demolition, I can tell you that WTC was deliberately destroyed. The collapse of the towers had NOTHING to do with a couple puny airliners crashing into them. There’s no way they could have caused what everyone saw happen that day. It’s impossible. They don’t have enough mass to inflict a fatal structural failure in the case of the WTC, and they could never carry enough jet fuel, which doesn’t burn hot enough anyway, to bring them crashing down, pulverized, into their own footprint. The man’s sign was right, and no amount of conservative Republican war-hawk chest thumping will change that.
    While we are all up in arms about what Obama/Soetoro has done to our country, sneering at us when we remind him of his duty to the Constitution, keep in mind that the criminality of preceeding administrations both democrat and republican have built up to this point. When are you going to get it through your heads that globalist new worlders are going to destroy your country, one way or another, and they don’t care about the party registration of the presiden’t. We have video evidence that Bush sr. was an avid New World Order proponent. You cannot deny it. But that’s ok because he was a registered Republican? Pray tell me it isn’t so. I am a Republican, and I want my party to stand for much better, for Rule of Law, Constitution, smaller more manageable government, Foreign occupations and wars only when nothing else will work, and staying the hell out of the way (end the fed) so that Americans can get back to work making this country great again. Does that make me a “lefty-plant?” The stupidity that is required to swallow a lie hook, line, and sinker just absolutely disgusts me, and it goes for stupidity where it occurs in either of the parties.

    • No Tingles there is still a two party system in this country,but it is not the Republicans and the Democrats, we have morphed into the Us and Them parties , they have the advantage of decades of a head start, but they do not have the numbers.

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