The size of the Kona Tea Party is growing, and I am happy to report that many more people are waking up to the insanity of congressional and executive branch malfeasance in our country!!  Though the pics belie the attendance, at least 100 patriots lined the road, were cheered on by drivers, and one man who slowed down and yelled, “You damn right it’s my money and I want to keep it!”.  Even Hawaii appears to be waking up.

"It's My Money!"

Get Ready For Obamacare

And though this pic has nothing to do with the tea party, I thought you might enjoy it. Aloha!!

UPDATE: More Photos of the Kona Tea Party:

To see more photos as they are added, go to the Kona Tea Party’s official site.

Kona Tea Party 4.15.2010, Part 1:

Part 2:

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