Boston Tea Party, 4.14.2010 (VIDEO)

On the flipside, here is a video of the reported 100 or so protestors who are anti-Tea Party. Thought you might get a kick out it. Pay attention at about the 5:00 minute mark for the gentlemen selling bumper-stickers who lived under a dictatorship for 45 years and doesn’t want to do it again.

1 thought on “Boston Tea Party, 4.14.2010 (VIDEO)”

  1. Tea partiers support veterans not wars. This contrasts with Bush1/Bush2/Obama administrations which have been proven to support half-baked wars and not veterans. They have both been guilty of supporting contractors first and cutting veterans benefits to save a penny. Look at the Walter Reed scandal, having our servicemen carry depleted uranium bullets (for high penetration) and long term radiation sickness, wanting them to pay their own medical for the medical damage received in the service. It is really shameful on the administrains part.

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