Republicans Are Crossing The Aisle On Cap & Tax

The arctic ice is returning, the bears are happy, and we are still stuck at “who can you trust?”, and the answer would be, “not very many people in positions of power.”

We all know that progressives have totally infiltrated and corrupted all levels of government, education, and industry. We also know exactly what it is going to take to flip this congress and clean out the rat’s nest (and they GOTTA GO!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, these asshats are WASTING our hard earned tax money while writing bills (they don’t read) in order tax us more instead of WORKING ON JOB CREATION! We all know they really don’t want any of us to be prosperous in the future, and that they are trying to create a lord/serf paradigm. Are you keeping your list of traitors up-to-date? Here are a few more names to add to the list.

Some Republicans say open to U.S. climate bill

(Reuters) – Some prominent Republican senators expressed openness on Tuesday to a U.S. climate change bill that might be introduced next week and that would need bipartisan support to have any chance of advancing.

Senator Lamar Alexander, a member of the Republican leadership in the Senate, praised the sector-by-sector approach in a compromise bill aimed at reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases blamed for global warming.

“I think a sector-by-sector approach makes a lot more sense for dealing with carbon,” the Tennessee senator told reporters.

Winning Republican support would be big breakthrough for Democrats and the Obama White House, especially as some Republican lawmakers have been sharply critical of climate legislation because of concerns industry would be hurt and also due to skepticism over the science behind global warming.

The sector-by-sector approach contrasts to an economy-wide approach taken by a bill passed last year in the House of Representatives that was also sharply criticized by Republican lawmakers.

Alexander said he “would consider a cap on utilities only if we could figure out the right way to do it that didn’t drive costs up substantially over the short term.”

Republican Senator Scott Brown, whose election in January robbed Democrats of their 60-seat supermajority, told Reuters, “I’m open to reading anything that’s being proposed” for climate change legislation.

A trio of senators — Democrat John Kerry, independent Joseph Lieberman and Republican Lindsey Graham — are trying to put the finishing touches on a climate change bill that aims to reduce carbon pollution by capping emissions, starting in 2012, from electric power utilities.

And when Obamacare is added to the mix, CO2 emissions are greatly reduced as Americans die off.

The transportation sector would see a new tax, probably after oil is refined, instead of a carbon cap, although the fee would be linked to pollution permits traded in the utility sector.

As for the third sector — manufacturers — Kerry, Graham and Lieberman have been weighing a cap-and-trade scheme like the one for utilities, but phasing it in starting in 2016. Alexander voiced opposition to capping factory emissions.

Kerry would not say whether he has succeeded yet in winning the support of any Republicans other than Graham for the bill he hopes to unveil next week.


Graham told Reuters that the goal was to “put a bill out there the three of us can rally around” and see “the kind of reception it gets once it’s rolled out.”

But before being introduced, Kerry, Graham and Lieberman still have difficult issues to resolve.

Graham said the trio is “revisiting” how to allocate future carbon pollution permits for electric power companies, a thorny issue that has brought criticisms from various senators, including Democrat Carl Levin from Michigan.

“Things are coming together but there’s still some hurdles,” Kerry said, without specifying. He said more meetings were needed this week with senators and industry.

Some liberal Democrats attacked the bill’s planned inclusion of expanded offshore oil and gas drilling.

“Without very significant alteration of the drilling issues, they’ll probably lose my vote,” New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez told reporters.

Senator Frank Lautenberg, also from New Jersey who last year voted for an Environment and Public Works Committee climate bill that Kerry’s effort builds upon, said expanded offshore drilling could jeopardize his state’s beach resorts and related businesses if there was an oil spill.

“I’m not comforted by a 50-mile limitation,” on drilling offshore, he added.

The three senators writing the climate bill are hoping to introduce it early next week, according to sources, around the April 22 40th anniversary of Earth Day, an event that sometimes draws derision from some Republicans.

“We’re not going to do it on Earth Day,” Graham said, adding, “It’s going to be offshore drilling day when it’s introduced.”

Remember kids, Scott Brown is running for re-election soon; find a Tea Party candidate to oust his a**.

(H/T Clem)

By Logistics Monster


  • Grail Guardian -

    This is exactly my point about trying to take over the republican party; it’s a non-starter. The only solution is to totally destroy both existing political parties and reform election law once We the people take America back!

  • Leaping Spark -

    We the People need to get more involved in the politcal process and re-elect no one. We need to be sure that every candidate knows and believes in the Constitution and is properly vetted. We cannot allow another street corner hustler to hide his past and lie his way into the Whitehouse.

    Private citizens are put through the ringer when applying for jobs, politicians should have to submit themselve to the same kind of background searches. Obama would have been exposed if any kind of background search had been performed.

    Those of us who did research him found out two years before the election that he was probably a Black Militant Muslim with leanings toward Communism, but unfortunately no one would listen to us.

    Hopefully We the People have learned from their mistake.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I agree, we have to get rid of all of them. Our founding fathers started from scratch with filling congress positions and it took them a couple of years. We can do that again. George Washington was against the party system. Maybe that’s the way we need to go. Do away with both parties and elect individuals who meet our requirements. If you have no parties then you have no partisanship. This train wreck has to be stopped very soon. If WE THE PEOPLE allow amnesty and cap and trade to pass then SHAME ON US!!

  • Ken in IL -

    Lautenberg ought to consider a 50-mile limitation for gas stations in NJ – so those who own gasoline powered autos have to go out of state to fuel them. It will prevent tank leaks at gas stations which pollute ground water.

    He also ought to consider getting rid of all the CO2 emitting animals in the state. He also ought to remove all the hydrocarbon emitting vegetation in the state.

    Actually it would probably be easier for him and all the other cap and traders to move to Niger (the Sahara Desert) where they have all these problems whipped!

  • brityank -

    So Crap&Tax will clean up what – this little bit of PLANT FOOD ???

    Fire them all!

  • brityank -


    Damn shrinkage!

    What it shows is Human Caused 3.4% of the 3.62% of the included CO2 in the total 2% of the whole atmosphere. Even if we could stop it all, it would not help one iota. The only object of this is to turn our society into that of Haiti.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Regardless of the bills passed by the Socialist Democrats or Republicants, all of the Obama Regime’s policies are about control of production, and redistribution of the wealth. Obama’s Father believed that the government could tax the people 100%, with the Communist government keeping 85%, and redistributing the remaining 15% back to the people according to their needs. How much longer are we going to put up with this crap from these Communist SOBs. They are stealing the wealth of the country and destroying our freedoms and liberty.

    I, for one refuse to accept the yoke of Communism and will not bow to these SOBs.

    How much longer is it going to take to wake America up?

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