Charles Krauthammer: Greece, “From An American Perspective, That’s Our Future”

Greece is running a 13% deficit, owes the world $300 Billion and is now working out a bailout with the EU for $41 Billion.  Charles Krauthammer has a opinion on America’s future in relation to what is happening in Greece right now.

“…from an American perspective, that’s the future.  We now have a GDP, a deficit this year of over 10%.  Which is wildly out of control…if we stay on course, the most optimistic estimates out of the CBO are that we are going to have a national debt, a total accumulated debt in ten years of about 100%, 90% of our GDP, in which case we become Greece…”

4 thoughts on “Charles Krauthammer: Greece, “From An American Perspective, That’s Our Future””

  1. The neocon Krauthammer seemed to make sense until he threw out the grossly exaggerated figure that the U.S. defict as percent of GDP will be (as if fact) “100 percent…90 percent”, while saying now it is about 10 percent.

    The numbers lack credulity.

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