The lies people tell themselves and others to make themselves feel better.  Gerry Hudson, Exec. Vice President of SEIU is still a bit embarrassed that the tea parties caught them unawares; but it gets better.

“…you would think they (the tea parties) overwhelmed these hearings.  That there were huge numbers of them. The truth of the matter was that there wasn’t.”

Mr. Hudson goes on to say that when SEIU caught up, they overwhelmed the Tea Party Patriots with their response.

Here is to hoping that Mr. Hudson and the rest of the insulated SEIU leadership keep thinking that the Tea Party Patriots number in the tens, instead of the tens of millions.

9.12.2009 Tea Party, Washington, D.C.

One must assume that Mr. Hudson was either out of town when the above photo was taken on 9.12.2009 in Washington, D.C. OR he is lying.



Gerry’s at it again while speaking about white workers and their opposition to immigration reform. Poor Wisconsin stakes the hit on this one.

“white workers are F***ing rabidly racist”

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