Glenn Beck, 4.9.2010: Time To Be Heard: Young Conservatives

Wow, another group of conservatives that nobody thought existed; young republicans/conservatives.  Glenn interviews college students from various colleges and universities about being a republican on campus, and what they think the future looks like.  He also introduces Jayson and Connor who have a public access television show called The Junior Factor bringing a conservative viewpoint to kids their own age.

By Logistics Monster

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  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    The young Republicans are not so new. My son and daughter- in- law belonged to a group in our area almost 20 years ago. Also, I read an article about Karl Rove a few years back about his involvement in the group when he was in college many years ago. I beleive I read that he was actually the national president at the time. That is when he developed many of his ideals and plans for promoting politicians. It was probably an article in Newsweek or the New Yorker, both of which I for years read diligently cover to cover and would never think of reading now, Not that I have become a Republican by any means. I am still out there in lingo somewhere without a party anymore. To honor our late and dear friend Nancy Armstrong, I’ll say that I am a “missplaced democrat”.

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