‘We The People’: Newest Florida Billboards

Here are three of the five new “anti-progressive” billboards in the state of Florida.   Billboards ‘four’ and ‘five’ are planned for release next week and “We The People” are behind the purchase of the patriotic advertising.

Lake Wales, Florida
Bartow, Florida
Frostproof, Florida

1 thought on “‘We The People’: Newest Florida Billboards”

  1. Sure would love one of these signs to go up on I75 here in Naples, Fl since we have the honor of one of the TOP five Obama donors living right here in the midst of us……..even went so far as to park Obama’s foot soldiers (Organizing for America) in an office in downtown Old Naples until his partner threw them out last month.

    Thank GOD….bad enough they’ve been signing up new drones at the farmers market and going door to door to peddle their propaganda.

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