Hannity Interview On Cavuto About Obama’s Dangerousness

This was another very good interview by Cavuto. Neil just cannot be combative. 😉

Sean covers the tea party movement. Ladies and gentlemen: we have passed the tipping point with the tea parties. There are now more tea party patriots than the administration can handle efficiently. More are joining everyday due to the administration and media’s smearing of the tea parties as racists and violent radicals.

By Logistics Monster


  • This administration just never understood America, that is why they never saw all the push-back coming. They thought we would all roll over and take it.

    Now they will have to deal with all those calling Ins. Companies wanting to know how to get their free insurance. One way to wake up your supporters is to have them realize there is no such thing as Obama money. So there will be some among that group that will start to listen to what the tea party movement has been saying. Their supporters are dwindling and their opposition is growing. We can feel good about that.

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