I understand why Barry wouldn’t ‘get’ this video because he really isn’t an American, but what up with Michelle? Who is the bigger traitor?

Might be a good idea to send this one viral too.

(H/T BigGovernment)

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Thanks, DT, that is beautiful. It is becoming more and more clear to millions of Americans that Obama is not an American nor does he have any feelings at all for us or our country. And she certainly , along with many others, is a traitor. I’ll be glad when I see them all in prison. When is that going to be, America? We can’t allow this to go on any longer if we want to salvage our country for our future generations.

  • RacerJim -

    Ditto what you said no-nonsence-nancy. The sooner “We the people…” take OUR country back from the traitors Obama the better.

  • Leaping Spark -

    The Obama’s would not enjoy any song praising or glorifying America, they in my opinion are far too wrapped up in their militant black Muslim and communist theology, and see America as something to be hated.

    Myself, I thought the song was great as I hold no grudges for being Tsala Gi, (many races)

    Rock on Jon David!

  • Gop Rep Congressman LoBiondo doesn’t know the Constitution.

    I think this should become the trend, go to townhall meetings and see what you Rep. knows about the Constitution. He swore to uphold and protect it but he doesn’t know it. Is this why so many in politics have fidelity issues with their spouse. They understand nothing about what they promise to do.

  • Christine -

    That was beautiful, it brought a tear to my eyes. Wish more people would take the time to hear this. Thanks

  • Me too and I don’t cry easily. That miserable excuse for a human being in the WH is NOT an American, he is not even a NATURALIZED American, which would make him also ineligible to be there; he is an illegal alien who loathes this country, its people, its constitution and all it stands for. Every word out of his sorry mug makes it clear that he is not, never was and never will be a natural born citizen.

  • The American Heart sadly is not in all Americans, such as Michelle, but the American Heart is in many who have come to America to have the American way of life.

    The original American Hearts were born in Europe with our Founding Fathers, so in some case it is the idea of the American Heart and not the location that makes this such a wonderful song that speaks to many around the world, even if some in American do not get it.

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