MONSTER Calls BS On This Story

Bambi’s administration is holding back a financial report on the state of Social Security and Medicare for three months to see if Obamacare makes a difference.


I’m calling BullFeathers!!!!

I also call it buying time, stalling, lying by omission….

AP Source: Report on Social Security Delayed

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is delaying release of the annual report on the financial health of Social Security and Medicareso that the new report can reflect the impact of the recently passed health care overhaul.

An administration official told The Associated Press that this year’s trustees report will be delayed until June 30, three months later than it usually comes out.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity before the formal announcement, said Monday that the delay will allow the government to determine the impact of the massive overhaul of health care that President Barack Obama just signed into law.

Take a fly-by of the AP story if you need more details, but I theorize that Barack, Timmie, and Ben have actually figured out how bad the ponzi collapse is going to be, and what will happen to them since they “own it”.   They are, most likely, delaying while creating a new scheme to either steal money from somewhere or someone else, or print money out of thin air again.

On March 25th, CATO Institute posted an article about Social Security being in the red NOW.  That was what; 10 days ago, and today that report is being postponed?  Imagine that?…

Graph at 3:20

(H/T KG)

By Logistics Monster


  • Granny Gripes -

    we have to replace the enemy within…
    We have far too much of “Unelected” Dictatorship in Government that needs to be removed from power….. The Unconstitutional CZARS, EPA, FDA, FCC, HHS, and on and on and on……. WE need a congress with a spine to bring power back to the people…… Lets go elect one!

  • Well one thing is for sure if the news was good it would be out ahead of time. I guess these numbers aren’t as easy to fudge as the unemployment numbers are.

    How in the world is the passing of the HCB going to make any impact on these numbers. This just gives them more time to write another fairy tale.

    My mother used to say,” If wishes were horses, than beggars would ride.” I never really understood that but I think I do now.

  • yourmomscalling -

    yup there hiding the truth now !!! its fairly obvious !! i am voting all the cronie piles of shit that i can !!!!!!

  • red lemur -

    hey let me translate that for you.uhhhhh uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhh …we have’nt finished doctoring up our false report just yet uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we’ll get back to you on that……….Rotten despicable bullshit!!!!!!!!

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