Is The Smear Campaign Of The Restore America Plan Beginning?

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Ghandi

ABC affiliate, Denver Channel 7News has used, what can only be described as, inflammatory footage of a Restore America Plan supporter and linked it to the Guardians of the Free Republics.

YouTuber, Jonah70757 is shown with an AR15 in footage from Channel 7 News here, (hurry before they yank the video), with a title graphic “Guardians of the free republics supporter”.  Is it possible that the inference is that somehow Jonah is a crazy extremist willing to use violence to make the plan happen as put forward by the feds through the FBI (see NY Times story below)?  Listen to Jonah’s response on the video and decide for yourselves.

Many have been wondering if the Restore America Plan is real. To be honest, I still have doubts, but I am beginning to think that this government-labeled, ‘extremist group’ may just have a leg to stand on when I watch the feds, through their media lackeys, try to control the story and then attempt to put the genie back in the bottle through a visual smear campaign linking regular Americans who own guns with the Guardians. Does being an American who owns guns and supports the plan make one a violent extremist?  Apparently so, as does reading the Constitution, breathing, and tying your shoes according to Janet and the other Janet.

From the NY Times (4.2.2010).

Governors Receive Threats From Extremist Group

Federal officials said that at least 30 governors received the threatening letters this week. State officials in Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Utah and Virginia said they were examining the letters. Officials in several states said security for governors had been increased.

On its Web site,, the Guardians of the Free Republics sets forth a plan to “restore America.” It describes the plan as “a bold achievable strategy for behind-the-scenes peaceful reconstruction of the de jure institutions of government without controversy, violence or civil war.” (emphasis mine)

The federal government told state police officials that the group could provoke violence by others because its members “advocate for their views through the use, support or facilitation of violence or illegal conduct.” (emphasis mine)

Oh really?  I have yet to speak with a member or a supporter that believes we should march into DC with guns, and the fed’s statement is directly contradicted by the Guardians statement “…without controversy, violence, or civil war.”

I would really like to know when the FBI is going to start doing their jobs and follow the money trail of the $9 Trillion that the Federal Reserve “lost”, and the revenue stream Obamacare has created with no product to show for it.

Once again, anyone that supports the Constitution and the de jure government that it created is labeled an extremist by the corporate government now in place.  The left and the right should be together on this issue.

I have contacted  Jonah70757, and am waiting a response.

Below is the ‘threatening’ letter that the governors are receiving, and an update from one of the Guardians, Sam Kennedy.

Letter To The Governors: Declaration

Restore America Plan – Sam Kennedy 3/3/10 Status (Should actually be 4/3/10)

To the blessed listeners of TAKE NO PRISONERS worldwide,

Well, I guess we got their attention this time.

As you probably know, The Restore America Plan has made the mainstream media including the lead story on the Fox News Network’s 6 o clock news (Special Report with Bret Baier), CNN MSN, NBC and ABC.  Reporters around the country are angling for information, and the worst they can say is: The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are not aware of any immediate or credible threats of violence as part of this group’s plan.  Big story there.  The FBI has been in the field most courteously around the country and we have opened many new channels of communication.   I made a surprise drop-in visit yesterday to a local FBI interview of a grand juror and had the pleasure of sharing information from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, and furthering our lines of communication.  All in a day’s work for those of us who are committed to freeing our children before the world degrades into economic and political Armageddon.

I have a big surprise for our listeners tomorrow night (Sunday, April 3) on TAKE NO PRISONERS (8 PM ET, Republic Broadcasting Network).  It’s not something I can just summarize here, but I can promise an immensely enjoyable and satisfying experience especially for members of the Guardians of the Free Republics, our enormous global audience, and the many new listeners we expect to be tuning in across the country.  I invite everyone to join me.

I will also have the pleasure of sharing some of the more substantive elements of my interview of the FBI agent and State officer yesterday.  I consider every opportunity to commune with an attorney, judge, prosecutor, law enforcement or bureaucrat a blessing from the Lord.

And finally, I will share some of the truth of the world around us of which new listeners may not be aware.  For instance, I will have the pleasure of showing you the actual source of the 700B “bailout” funds.

TAKE NO PRISONERS can be heard on FM and shortwave stations around the world, and on the internet via Shoutcast or directly through the network website at:

every Sunday night on the unique voice of freedom, the Republic Broadcasting Network at 8 PM ET, 7 PM CT, 6 PM MT and 5 PM PT.  Hope to see you then.

Thank you for reading and would you kindly consider CIRCULATING THIS EMAIL FAR AND WIDE?

Peace and Grace to all,

Sam Kennedy

Posted by John MacHaffie at 4:52 PM

(H/T CH for the status update)

By Logistics Monster


  • clemintine -

    i love how he uses glenn beck’s phone line at the end…..stossel also has a phone for the same purpose. beck’s is red, i think stossel’s is white. everyone on fox should have a phone…

    i, also, have not made up my mind about this group. in listening to the broadcasts, some of the specific verbiage concerned me. it is clear that a ton of research and work was put into this. for that they have my respect.

    (and i am secretly hoping they are the light at the end of the tunnel so i can avoid sending any more of my $$$ to the corruptocrats in dc)

    the fact that the msm and washington are trying to get ahead of this with obvious “be very afraid” spin, lends credence to what we are hearing about the group and their plan.

  • AwakeAndAlive -

    Don’t these news people understand that if We The People loose our Freedoms, that includes them also?

    Do they think that the Corrupt people hold ALLEGIANCE to them or their welfare?

    When do people start listening & thinking.

    WE THE PEOPLE have been trying to get the Government to answer their questions for YEARS !!! The answer they get is – ‘Your questions are frivilous’……

    What kind of a Government of The People & for The People would have such a posture???? I bet they wouldn’t say that if they were getting $$$$$ for their election funding……

    Where is the Common Sense in all this???? How much of our taxpayer $$$$ is being spent in AVOIDING answer the questions??? And, if there is nothing to HIDE, ANSWER the questions….. Show up for the meetings….

    We don’t hold our “Public Servants” accountable….. They are running amuck thinking they are ABOVE the laws that the working class must live by.

    They even have their own retirement funds that we are not privy too & we pay for it!!!! What’s with that????

  • This genie is not going back in the bottle, as with the tea party movement, town halls the media will not be successful in smearing this . Once you get over the initial fear of what might happen if you speak out, you are no longer bound by what the media or the government says.

    The media did their job, for a very long time America slept, well the sleep is over and the old tactics of the media will not put us back to sleep. Sure there are those that will stay asleep and benefit from the work of others, but that is how is always is so this will be not different.

    I for one personally enjoy the look of fear on the politicians and the exposing of their true selves as well as the media pundits, well we keep reading the scrip why are they not listening, must drive them crazy, good because I for one am tired of being driven crazy by all of this corruption , the loss of rights and those of my children.

    Each step that is taken brings us one step closer to righting the wrongs in this country.

    For the first time in a while I truly feel God is blessing America again.

  • Has anybody realized that this has given 50 state governors the ‘opportunity’ to tell the feds to go jump off a cliff?

  • Granny Gripes -

    Oh come all ye citizens of this failing STATE.

    GET OFF of your keyboard for just one day….

    Make that midnight ride for Paul Revere, go into the streets and sound the alarm… Bring your reference guide marked pass it on and tell the people to tell the people.


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