Dr. Jack Cassell Gives Obama Supporters A Choice (UPDATED – VIDEO)

Last time I checked, America had not yet been totally morphed into the United Socialist States Of America (no matter what Obama and the Dems are doing), therefore, some free will and choice still remain.

Doctors pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for training in the medical sciences, and their services are a product which they can charge a fee for.  Dr. Jack Cassell is exercising his free speech, and free will by giving his potential patients the choice that the Democrats refused to give Americans when they mandated health insurance policies with fines and jail time for non-compliance. I am still wondering how they justify using the commerce clause in respect to “lack of commerce”?

Just When You Thought Free Thought, Free Will, and Free Speech Were Dead...

Mount Dora doctor tells Obama supporters: Go elsewhere

MOUNT DORA — A doctor who considers the national health-care overhaul to be bad medicine for the country posted a sign on his office door telling patients who voted for President Barack Obama to seek care “elsewhere.”

“I’m not turning anybody away — that would be unethical,” Dr. Jack Cassell, 56, a Mount Dora urologist and a registered Republican opposed to the health plan, told the Orlando Sentinel on Thursday. “But if they read the sign and turn the other way, so be it.”

The sign reads: “If you voted for Obama…seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your healthcare begin right now, not in four years.”

Estella Chatman, 67, of Eustis, whose daughter snapped a photo of the typewritten sign, sent the picture to U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, the Orlando Democrat who riled Republicans last year when he characterized the GOP’s idea of health care as, “If you get sick America … Die quickly.”

Chatman said she heard about the sign from a friend who was referred to Cassell after his physician recently died. She said her friend did not want to speak to a reporter, but was dismayed by Cassell’s sign.

“He’s going to find another doctor,” she said.

Cassell may be walking a thin line between his right to free speech and his professional obligation, said William Allen, professor of bioethics, law and medical professionalism at the University of Florida‘s College of Medicine.

Allen said doctors cannot refuse patients on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual preference or disability, but political preference is not one of the legally protected categories specified in civil-rights law. By insisting he does not quiz his patients about their politics and has not turned away patients based on their vote, the doctor is “trying to hold onto the nub of his ethical obligation,” Allen said.

“But this is pushing the limit,” he said.

Cassell, who has practiced medicine in GOP-dominated Lake County since 1988, said he doesn’t quiz his patients about their politics, but he also won’t hide his disdain for the bill Obama signed and the lawmakers who passed it.

In his waiting room, Cassell also has provided his patients with photocopies of a health-care timeline produced by Republican leaders that outlines “major provisions” in the health-care package. The doctor put a sign above the stack of copies that reads: “This is what the morons in Washington have done to your health care. Take one, read it and vote out anyone who voted for it.”

Cassell, whose lawyer-wife, Leslie Campione, has declared herself a Republican candidate for Lake County commissioner, said three patients have complained, but most have been “overwhelmingly supportive” of his position.

“They know it’s not good for them,” he said.

Cassell, who previously served as chief of surgery at Florida Hospital Waterman in Tavares, said a patient’s politics would not affect his care for them, although he said he would prefer not to treat people who support the president.

“I can at least make a point,” he said.

The notice on Cassell’s office door could cause some patients to question his judgment or fret about the care they might receive if they don’t share his political views, Allen said. He said doctors are wise to avoid public expressions that can affect the physician-patient relationship.

Erin VanSickle, spokeswoman for the Florida Medical Association, declined to comment specifically.

But she noted in an e-mail to the Orlando Sentinel that “physicians are extended the same rights to free speech as every other citizen in the United States.”

Just remember kids, Capitalism Builds and Communism Kills.

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By Logistics Monster


  • America is headed for the pits. Yes, if I don’t like Republican politics, I should tell my Rep patients to f***** DIE. The Dr. is a first class PIECE OF SHIT. Keep it up right wing lunatics.

      • Michael -

        No you stupid harpie. Read his post again. Keep driving your party off a cliff. How are you enjoying political wilderness?

  • Freedom of speech hidden under the guise of hate! I wouldn’t want such an unethical human, with the the abitlity to pass the medical boards take care of anyone I know. The new Klan. I’m a nurse and have been in this field much longer than you. Ive seen much but you sadly take(almost) the cake. You just wear a suit or lab coat and unfortunately many blind followers. Well, it takes all kinds..I just pray that you are one of a kind

  • What about my right to vote? If Dr. Jack Cassell refuses to respect my right to vote, then why should I respect his right to free speech?

    • Because you are an American? “I disapprove with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Evelyn Beatrice Hall on freedom of speech. Remember that? What a bunch of uneducated so-called Americans running around this site today.

  • Amy–yes Free speech is to be cherished above all else–let me exercise Free speech—all niggers should DIE–Jews should be put in incinerators–god–how pious I feel to exercise my constitutional rights.

    Perhaps, AMy, you should crawl out of your white trash gutter and realize that decent speech should be cherished–but only that all speech should be constitutionally allowed.

  • Gregory -

    Wow! He really made a stupid statement that reveals he is truly an asshole but the dumb thing is it has no impact on healthcare. This dick is out for attention and can’t wait until he, his family, and his pisshead supporters are refused emergency room care by people who feel they have the same right.

  • Lone Star Buckeye -

    I am amazed (don’t know why) that the left wing can say and do anything they want but when someone on the right takes a stand, they get all out of joint because someone took a stand for THEIR belief system !! I applaud Dr Cassell and believe we have thousands more doctors who believe as he does but sadly, those on the left never educate themselves so they never know both sides of the story.

    And for those wondering about what the AMA has to say about this? GET REAL !!! They and AARP are both in Obama’s back pocket as he takes care of them monetarily so they would support him… doesn’t that tell you anything about all the back room deals…. which means, no deals, no support from these people? The lame stream media doesn’t tell you all the facts so you know what is really going on because they are afraid of the dictatorship in D. C. and what will happen to them if they don’t support Obamacare and whatever the dictator wants to do.

    Quit listening to the “tickle me Elmo photo ops” Obama has and start doing some real research. This “bill” isn’t just health care… it is about bribery that includes MILLIONs and BILLIONs of dollars that we, the working class, has to pay for. It is about the military and take over of our lives but sadly, the left wing listens to the lame stream media and doesn’t read to really understand the impact this will have on our nation, the FREEDOMS we lose through this bill. And remember, NOTHING is FREE…. Someone (the workers or what’s left now that Obama has put millions out of work) has to pay for this MESS !!! Wish I could see your faces when you get to pay your fair share of taxes on this bill.

    God bless Dr Cassell and all the other doctors and medical folks who are willing to take a stand against this monstrosity. Because of Obamacare, many doctors and medical staff will lose their jobs when the government starts deciding FOR US who will have tests, who will see a doctor and WHEN we can go for any of the above and eventually close down many hospitals and doctor’s offices…. Read the bill before you support something folks and let’s just pray this bill can be repealed and save WE THE PEOPLE from this nightmare !! As the good doctor said, this bill is more detrimental to your health than his stand against it. And the woman they interviewed ~ what a joke !! Another kool-aid drinker 🙁

    God bless America and save us from socialism (or whatever obama calls it, it’s still socialism !!!)

    • Michael -

      Keep saying that while you’re on Medicare (a government program). Don’t worry, just remember doctors can refuse to treat Republicans as well. It works BOTH ways. Nobody said anything was FREE. Get your head out of your butt, and stop listening to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Faux Noise, and do some research, teabagger.

    • I have no idea what Michael is doing. It’s taken me until this last comment to figure out who he was actually talking to – but after this last one’s confusing message – I know he is probably a paid commenter for OFA.

      • I guess he did not get that Census job he applied for.

        • Michael -

          Yes, bc I already have a job to support leaches from red states like you.

      • Michael -

        “It’s taken me until this last comment to figure out who he was actually talking to” — I know that “durn” reading is mighty hard to do.

    • Michael -

      No, I actually have my mortgaged PAID for, as well as paying for your welfare handouts, teabagger.

      • Congratulations on your paid mortgaged but sorry not welfare here pay my own way and why is it so many of your kind have to use teabagger not that it is any of your business I am as straight as an arrow.

  • MIchael – it is obvious to Monster readers that you have no idea of the people you are talking to. Better run along now.

    • Michael -

      Monster readers – consisting of you and Kathy. Wow, that’s a lot! Hope you’re enjoying political wilderness as well as delusions of winning in 2010 and 2012. Be sure to thank RNC Chairman Michael Steele for us!!

      • Seems like you have been replying to many others besides myself and DT. When you are done here please turn out the lights.

        • Michael -

          If you ACTUALLY LOOK at my posts you will see the only posts I’ve DIRECTLY replied to are yours and IllogisticsMonster.

          Please get a college education – you are in DEEP need of one (If you’re so poor that you need a federal loan, as you won’t qualify for a private one, it’s on me – now with federal loans coming from the govt. rather than private banks making money off taxpayer money. Please thank Obama on your way out, ok inbred?

          • Guess you forgot about Lonestar Buckeye, Trust me I will be very thankful when Obama is on the way out.

  • JWAdvocate -

    Wow, how courageous. A doctor who refuses patients based on political ideology. Seriously, give this guy a medal.

    • Gunthar -

      Wow, how progressive. A gang of polisci students from Berkeley who found a website to test out their new-found, parent-bought cognition despite knowing any better. You go, Cal! Way to show some mettle!

      Please, get back to class, kids, and stop playing adult. You’re out of your league and don’t yet comprehend what’s happening here. Better yet, why don’t you do yourself a favor and instead drop out of college and go die on an IED while fighting Afghanis for your beloved little president.

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