Tea Party Patriot, Pam Stout On David Letterman

Thirteen very interesting minutes of Dave Letterman interviewing Tea Party Patriot, Pam Stout of Idaho.

By Logistics Monster


  • Very interesting and telling interview.

    Obviously, mocking “birthers” is going to be the media route of attack against the Tea Parties. So it’s time for us all to get one the same page about it. I know this is controversial to many, but I believe the time has come to start conceding that Obama was likely born in Hawaii. The real point to attack is his Indonesian citizenship. Had Pam hit Letterman with that, he would have been totally unprepared and likely would have had to give a bit on the Natural Born Citizen argument.

    We need to educate ourselves on the legal arguments based on the Constitution (I know, I’m preaching to the choir here) and make sure our local leaders know their stuff. Pam is exactly the type of person the media is going to try to interview: quiet, calm, someone they think they can bully. They won’t go after the guy screaming at the top of his lungs with a mic and free air time. They will use that guy as filler tape to show the Tea Partiers as radical nuts.

    Speak with your local leadership. Make sure they are well prepared to represent you (and me). Show them this clip and make sure they know that America, like Letterman, is not afraid of Pam Stout and should not be afraid of any of us. We are just like them. We are them.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Through the tea party movement I have met a lot of very nice people in my area. However, not many of them are as passionate about the eligibility issue as I am. I agree with Grail Guardian, they have not educated themselves enough to be able to make a good judgement. I try to refer them to some of the blogs and online newspapers, if you will, that I read every day. Many, like Pam Stout, who I think is doing a good job for Idaho, pass the issue off and say it is irrelevant. It is NOT! It IS the issue!

  • Letterman is such an ass, I hate watching him and hearing all of his wrongheaded notions but it was worth it to see Pam Stout. She’s terrific!

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