Michele Bachmann: 51% Of Private Economy Controlled By Government

For those that don’t have time to listen to Michele’s hour long speech in Duluth, here is a short video where she appears stating that Obama now has control over 51% of the private economy, and the economic tyranny that we are facing.

Pay attention people; he who controls the purse-strings, controls the world; just ask Ben Bernanke and Timmie Geithner.

By Logistics Monster


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  • Leaping Spark -

    Patriots wake up, Obama is following Hitler’s game plan. Hitler used the Great Depression when the German people were desperate for jobs, food and security to present himself as the great Messiah of hope and change. ( Sound familiar)

    Obama, like Hitler has spent his whole political career denouncing and trying to destroy the republic.

    Obama, like Hitler loves to bask in the adulation of the people he has fooled into thinking that he is their Savior.

    Obama, like Hitler believes the state, not the individual is supreme.

    Hopefully Obama, like Hitler will not cost 50 million people their lives.

    Hitler set up a 50,000 man army of Brownshirts, this seems to be part of the Obama plan for America.

    Hitler and obama both reached out to the Muslim world primarily because of their similiar goals and views regarding the Jews.

    Obama with his teleprompter, like Hitler is considered to be an elequent speaker.

    Obama like Hitler has a questionable past.

    Obama like Hitler has a total diregard for human life and the laws of God.

    Obama wrote a BS book at 34 years of age, Hitler wrote a BS book at 35 years of age. Both used their BS books as springboards to politics.

    Obama, like Hitler has an exaggerated sense of self importance.

    Obama, like Hitler is preoccupied with wealth and power.

    Obama, like Hitler has the messiah complex.

    Obama, like Hitler requires constant adulation and has an extreme sense of entitlement.

    Obama, like Hitler is extremely arrogant and displays it in a haughty manner.

    Obama, like Hitler holds the same convictions:

    1) Infanticide, extermination of the infirmed and the old through deathcare claus in the Universal Healthcare bill.

    2) Gun control.

    3) Anti – Semitism.

    4) Communsim / Socialism.

    5) Promise of something for everyone through redistribution of the wealth.

    6) Hitler was an extreme leftist as is Obama.

    7) Hitler wasn’t born in Germany, obama refuses to prove where he was born, but it probably wasn’t in America.

    8) Hitler hated the Jews, but was part Jewish. Obama appears to hate the Jews and white people, but is half white.

    9) Hitler and Obama created their own symbols.

    Unfortunately most Americans do not realize that once a Socialist / Communist dictator gets into power, like a terminal cancer he and his administration smother all opposition and take control of every aspect of the economy, education, healthcare, and the military.

    Obama like Hitler and Stalin has offered himself as the savior of hope in change while creating division and chaos that is always blamed on the opposition.

    Unfortunately, Hitler and Stalin and possibly Obama, all supposed to be Messiahs of hope and change while hiding the monster within.

    Are you awake yet, you should be, because the death knell is sounding for America.

    I’ts a sad thing to say but “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it”

    Soory for the length, God bless America!

  • Any Will Do -

    Leaping Spark, you’re an idiot. The idea that Hitler supported Communism is beyond ridiculous. He was a fascist, which is on the complete other side of the political spectrum. Also, the state of Hawaii has provided Obama’s birth certificate, showing that he is an American. The irony of you telling people the dangers of ignoring history is just plain unbelievable.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Any Will do,
    Ask any Russian and they will tell you that Communist, Socialist, and Progressive are all the same thing, so why don’t you join your Communist President in North Korea, or Russia along with the rest of the worthless liberals and leftist.

    America belongs to Americans!

  • Leaping Spark -

    I must be striking a nerve with the commies because they offer weak arguments based on Alinsky”s rule for radicals and always resort to name calling. Unfortunately being a patriotic American who swore an oath to the Constitution, I expect no less from the extreme left.

    • Ya Think? First thing out of their mouths – name calling and “freezing the target”. I just don’t respond to their insanity anymore. If I don’t play this game, it doesn’t go any further – BUT I will back you 100%.

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