Sarah Palin And Tea Party Activists Disrupt Harry Reid’s Victory Lap

This congressional recess should have been Harry Reid’s victory lap with the passage of Obamacare (meant to cripple the entire economy and keep the feds afloat for a few more years).  Only one big, big, problem; Tea Party Activists gathering in Searchlight, Nevada by the thousands to hear Sarah Palin and other patriots.

Part 2:

I can understand Sarah Palin having personal loyalty to John McCain, but damn, campaigning for one of the dinosaurs that got us into this mess? What’s up with that?

13 thoughts on “Sarah Palin And Tea Party Activists Disrupt Harry Reid’s Victory Lap”

  1. She makes me laugh. She’s inspirational like Harvey Milk was. They both drew huge crowds. Harvey would have been President had he not gotten shot.

  2. She is a smart woman. John McCain has a lot of support in the republican party and voters. To be disloyal to someone who was responsible for putting you in the vast public arena is career suicide. Down deep I know she hopes he does not get reelected and no one can fault her for that.

  3. Then does that make her a hypocrite? I’m not a big Palin fan but I don’t know that she would campaign for him if she didn’t want him to win. But I just don’t know why people do the things t hey do.

    Quantum Leap, that is a great cartoon!

  4. I think Palin does not want to give the media any more ammo, she knows she is a target. To not support McCain would just draw negative attention to herself and then derail what she is really trying to achieve what ever that might be.

    Nancy, unfortunately they are all hypocrites in one way or another. They are human and have to pick their battles. Do I completely support her, that would be no, she is the rising star but who wanted that to happen? Until we know that we do not know how sincere she is. I think there are others starting to separate from the pack, Bachman, Ryan to name a couple.

    If Sarah is sincere we will see doing a happy dance when McCain losses.

  5. National health care and RFID chips.

    I think the story line might be a little deceptive but it is certainly in the realm of the possible. You would have to decide for yourself what this means, I for one think this would be the closest thing to the mark of the beast we have seen so far.

    Comment on a another site referencing the fact that dogs and cats have been being chipped so their owners could find them, how would that play out with humans? Is this how are owners will be able to find us?

  6. Sarah Palin knows how to speak of what this county needs which is to band together and stop put a stop to this radical aganda and continue to go back the grass roots of what this country is made of.

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