Rubio’s 25 point (avg from RCP) smackdown of Charlie Crist is what happens when the country starts drinking tea and the Republicans keep acting like progressive Dems on steroids.

Florida GOP Senate Candidates to Face Off on ‘Fox News Sunday’

The two Republicans battling in the nation’s mostly closely watched Senate primary contest will debate this Sunday in the “Fox News Sunday” studio in Washington, D.C.

The Florida Senate Showdown is a “Fox News Sunday” exclusive.

Gov. Charlie Crist had a commanding 37-point lead in the polls last spring and was considered by many to be a future leader in the Republican Party. But in a remarkable turnaround, his challenger Marco Rubio, former Florida Speaker of the House and a Tea Party favorite, has stormed to the lead.

The two challengers will sit down face to face for their first debate on “Fox News Sunday.”

Be sure to e-mail and give us your ideas for questions for the Florida Senate Showdown.

By the way, Marco is all about Repealing Obamacare. The other guy? Well, he liked to hang out with Obama…

UPDATE: FoxNewSunday Program – 3.28.2010:

Part 2:

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