Rubio Vs. Crist On FoxNews Sunday, 3.28.2010

Rubio’s 25 point (avg from RCP) smackdown of Charlie Crist is what happens when the country starts drinking tea and the Republicans keep acting like progressive Dems on steroids.

Florida GOP Senate Candidates to Face Off on ‘Fox News Sunday’

The two Republicans battling in the nation’s mostly closely watched Senate primary contest will debate this Sunday in the “Fox News Sunday” studio in Washington, D.C.

The Florida Senate Showdown is a “Fox News Sunday” exclusive.

Gov. Charlie Crist had a commanding 37-point lead in the polls last spring and was considered by many to be a future leader in the Republican Party. But in a remarkable turnaround, his challenger Marco Rubio, former Florida Speaker of the House and a Tea Party favorite, has stormed to the lead.

The two challengers will sit down face to face for their first debate on “Fox News Sunday.”

Be sure to e-mail and give us your ideas for questions for the Florida Senate Showdown.

By the way, Marco is all about Repealing Obamacare. The other guy? Well, he liked to hang out with Obama…

UPDATE: FoxNewSunday Program – 3.28.2010:

Part 2:

By Logistics Monster


  • Well, we’ll see if he really wants to repeal the healthcare law. He seems like any other tiresome, spineless politician who’s ready to jump on the RNC status quo.

    I caught Huckabee waffling in front of Hannity on the issue this morning saying it will never totally be repealed anyway – and that it shouldn’t even be repealed (he said what?!??!?). He said that republicans should instead focus their efforts and attention on repealing only contentious portions of the law… (careful Fox News, your sheep’s clothing is starting to slip off).

    Time will tell, but I’ll wager that the RNC will slowly make this their case, too. In the end, whether our country is run by democrats or republicans, we’ll still be footing the bill for this beast, strapped hopelessly in debt, trying desperately to make ends meet, suffering from abysmal medical infrastructure and lack of qualified doctors, and still believing in our political process to some degree or another.

    It’s as if arguments from both sides of the aisle have been designed by the same group of people who understand the necessity of, and the subtle methods of how to control 308 million people regardless if they lean left, or lean right, or even stand upright.

    And all we’ll do is just keep quoting Thomas Jefferson or Patrick Henry while all the while tenting our hands, saying “you just wait until November…” as if voting for their continued offerings is even relevant or useful anymore. Life is now so dear to us, and peace has become so sweet to us, we’re finally willing to purchase it at the price of chains and slavery.

    These past two decades have been very interesting. Trying, but interesting nevertheless.

    • Gunthar – good to see you!!!

      I agree that the RNC is going to go sideways on us because they are still of the mindset ‘go along to get along’ – not fully realizing that America’s mental paradigm has shifted 180 degrees. There are a few pubs that really understand how close to armed marches we actually are, and they are the ones who are pushing hard for full repeal – DeMint, Ryan, etc. There are also some dems that ‘get it’ – and they are resigning and finding a bunker to hang out in until the dust clears.

      I have been watching the game being played for many decades – and the sustained anger that is only growing as more Americans lose their jobs, homes, food on their tables will only add to the millions that are now awake. This campaign is going to last a very long time, so hunker down and keep fighting.

  • At this point in our history anybody who gets elected must realize that they will be held to a higher standard than others before them. So they had better deliver on their promises or DC will become a revolving door, which is probably the way it should be for awhile.

    Crist is like so many others the know how to campaign and find fault with their opponents, they just do not know how to serve. I voted for him, been very disappointed in him. , we elect humans to serve us and they end up thinking they are gods and we should serve them. I just want to get the goods I purchased, if they campaign on issues that I agree with they had been damn well serve the same way.

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