Mike Malloy’s Hate Speech Against Conservatives

Are you tired of the progressives inciting violence, and blaming the tea parties and the conservatives for all of their tactics?  The Monster will continue to take the high road and call for the ‘perp walk’ for the gangsters in the District of Criminals.

7 thoughts on “Mike Malloy’s Hate Speech Against Conservatives”

  1. Who the hell is this guy? I never heard of him. Why should we give him the publicity he is so despairingly seeking?

    • You have never heard of him because you are not one of those 2% of the population that follows liberal left radio. I’m just writing about him because they are all this spewing ‘violent rhetoric’ and, as far as I can tell, this has been going on for years.

  2. Mike Malloy has to say the most outrageous things just get people to tune him in.. lets face it half of the 300+ people that listen to him are pissed-off conservatives…so far it has been working for him…

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