Doctors begin resigning over ObamaCare

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet is a widely-respected doctor from Tucson, Arizona who is a nationally-recognized speaker on women’s health. She has published numerous books on female hormone changes and is the founder and medical director of a successful practice called Her Place.

She is now set to resign over ObamaCare.

In an interview Wednesday on Fox News, she primarily cited the fact that this takeover tramples the doctor-patient relationship, compromising her ability to follow the Hippocratic Oath. But she also notes that the excessive regulatory burdens and crushing costs imposed on doctors will make it completely unfeasible for many of them to stay in business.

The Economics Of Dem Healthcare Reform For Dummies (David Buckner)

Fact #1:

If you increase the demand for a product without increasing the supply, there will be a shortage.  Let me say that a different way:  if you increase the number of people buying a product without increasing the number of products (suppliers) there will be a shortage.  There is no way around this.


If you insure 15 million more people without adding any doctors, there will be a shortage.  Say what you will, promise what you may, all the kings horses and all the kings men will never be able to put 15 million more humpty dumptys together again, UNLESS you increase the number of doctors!!  Nothing in the current legislation offers such an incentive or allowance–if anything, quite the opposite.   Time and again the question has been asked and each time the response is “everyone will be covered,” as if that answers the question.

Bottom line:

Shortages WILL occur until there are more doctors, more nurses, more hospitals, more clinics.  Promises of “universal coverage” cannot overcome the reality of “universal shortages”.  One might accurately argue we will have equal opportunity shortages.  That statement would be true.  Nevertheless, there will be shortages and the sellers KNOW IT!

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