BREAKING: Steny Hoyer, “Members Of Congress Receiving Death Threats” (UPDATED VIDEO)

Shep Smith of FoxNews has just announced that during a briefing, Steny Hoyer stated that members of congress who voted for Obamacare are receiving death threats.  The twitterworld is abuzz, and I am looking for video/audio of this breaking news.

Two items:

  1. What did congressmen expect?
  2. Don’t worry about the ones that actually write in.

Short clip:

UPDATED (See #2 above):

FBI investigating severed gas line at Rep. Tom Perriello’s brother home

After Tea Party activists posted the supposed address of Rep. Tom Perriello’s (D-VA) home, a gas line was cut at his brother’s property. The activists posted the wrong address in Virginia on the internet.

The FBI and local authorities are investigating the incident. Threats and acts of violence have escalated after President Barack Obama signed the Health Care Reform bill into law. Some Tea Party Activists have been calling for acts of violence against members of Congress and the Democratic headquarters throughout the states.

In a phone interview Jessica Barba, spokesperson for Perriello said the Capitol Police have been informed of the incident.

“We have had no direct threats,” said Barba. “Tom is in Washington at this time and he has been informed of the situation. We will have an official statement later.”


By Logistics Monster


  • Lol, stupid dems. Is it odd that I am elated to hear this bit of news?

  • Congressman Hoyer,

    You fail to realize that millions of unborn babies are being killed, not just receiving threats!

  • What is wrong with you people? This healthcare reform is needed. Don’t you realize that yours’ and Rush Limbaugh’s enciteful words about all of this will further disturb the disturbed? don’t you realize that any action like this could cause the economy to further sink into the toilet? You are all sick..

    • debfromtexas -

      Sorry Maureen but you’re misinformed. This bill is full of unrealistic promises the country cannot keep.

      • According to who? Hannity, O’Reilly and Limbaugh.
        Why didn’t u feel this way when Bush cut taxes on the rich and started two wars. It’s impossible to take in less income, spend a lot more money and remain financially
        sound. Republican policies brought us down. The Dems are trying to turn things around, by changing the high cost of health care.

        • Bev – better get your facts straight before you start spewing on the Monster. This indie has been against pretty much every president we have had for quite some time because they are all trying to collapse this country. Obama is just the icing on the cake! The Dems ARE NOT trying to turn things around silly bear.

  • debfromtexas -

    Violence is NOT the answer to anything, but it is wrong to blame the actions of an unruly few on the Tea Party Movement or Republican debates on Capitol Hill. The health care bill passage was disappointing to millions of people in this country, but we’re not all out threatening lives. There are other ways to deal with disappointment … it’s called campaigning and voting.

    • Dr. Kenneth Noisewater -

      Violence _IS_ the answer to tyranny. Read your Founding Fathers history.

      • debfromtexas -

        I agree that all that went into passing this bill was an act of Marxist tyranny. However, violence does not end tyranny in America during the 21st Century – it only promotes more violence. Our Constitution is the foundation for our rule and law and provides all the ammunition we need to fight tyranny.

        As those Americans who were for THIS bill learn exactly what all is in the bill, we’ll eventually all be on the same side. The most recent news today involves children with pre-existing conditions. As it turns out, they are NOT getting immediate coverage as promised by Obama. People … you need to read the small print and listen to those who are trying to warn you with the truth!!!! There’s no such thing as a Utopia.

        • As those Americans who were for THIS bill learn exactly what all is in the bill, we’ll eventually all be on the same side.

          It is a shame their stupidity has to cost the majority of us a ton of money to get everyone “on the same side.”

          Hey Marx! Don’t worry true Communism is not dead! we are beginning to live it here in the good ole USA. What a shame it is indeed.

    • Too many racial, nasty, homophobic, hateful incidents happen at Republican rallies. It’s been going on ever since a Black Man had the nerve to run for President. I’m tired of hearing it’s only a few.
      Take responsibility for what is happening at your rallies, and do something to change it.

      The majority of German people did not kill 6,000,000 Jews – it was only a “few ” by comparison

      • I remember a black man running for president as a republican not too long ago. His name was Alan Keyes. And the libs tore him apart, called him an Uncle Tom, ad naseum. Beverly, please don’t give me your racist hype. It is typical Obamocrat nonsense and doesn’t really do much to defend the Health Care takeover.

      • Once again – the left has to bring the race card to the discussion. When are you going to listen to Martin Luther King and judge a man on the content of his character – NOT the color of his skin?

      • Sorry, Bev. Keep race out of this. It has nothing to do with Obama being “black” (actually, bi-racial is his correct ethnicity since his mother was, after all, white). It has everything to do with his politics. Most of America is center-right. Obama and his administration are all far left. But let’s not confuse you with the facts of the situation since pulling the race card has been so successful in the past.

  • NormaJean -

    Good government demands they must ultimately give way to careful reason. This is exactly what our Constitution was intended to promote, by establishing a legislature meant to operate clearly within defined parameters. But, as our Founders understood, mechanical safeguards can only go so far…..and ultimately, it is up to the character of the people and the elected representatives to keep a Republic. On this score….today’s asshats have failed completely.

    They will now get what they deserve. FAIRTV, you got it right….and Maureen, please wake up soon.

  • Kevin Kain -

    I think its wrong to make death threats to Congress, but what do you expect. These guys have just wiped there ass with the constitution shoving there bill down the throat of the American people. The American people are fed up and it wont be long before they revolt, They kicked England out of the country so I don’t think that a few congressmen will be a big deal to them. I find it funny how these guys can get Death Threats on the phone, when that last week we couldn’t get the bastards to answer the phone, it was always busy. Maybe these guys will listen to the people next time they say KILL THE BILL, instead of catering to the special interest against the will of the people. What is it going to take for these law makers to get the message that some people aint playing and that there to the boiling point? The revolt is coming and and this just may have made it come much sooner than later. Maybe it will take the people to act on one of those death threats so that they get the message, but honestly I hope it wont come to that.

    Thanks again

  • Great observation:

    I find it funny how these guys can get Death Threats on the phone, when that last week we couldn’t get the bastards to answer the phone, it was always busy.

    Once again, stupid is as stupid does. What did they expect in the ‘home of the brave’?

  • I think that they are lying.

    People are upset, but no one execpt a government provacatuer like FBI informant and white supremacist Hal Turner would be calling for the death of any elected official.

    • Steny may be lying, but I actually think it is true and they are ‘using’ it for cover – once again, they are the victims of the evil right.

  • I feel no sympathy for these traitors. I hope they live the rest of thier lives in fear.

    King George probably felt the same way before the American Revolution.
    The traitors get protection courtesy of the people they are robbing blind.
    Go straight to hell Hoyer.

    • Billy Romps -

      Good Post! Hoyer’s more than happy to steal your money – but he’s too much of a coward to try to take your wallet – he;s got mto hide behind the law and the FBI, but he’s a common criminal like his boss – Pelosi.

  • Billy Romps -

    It’s just a smokescreen to make the “Tea Party” look like evil – activists!!! They cut a gas-line at his “brother’s” house?? Come on – he probably didn’t pay his gas bill………too bad he’s not Pelosi’s relative or he could fly around in a tax payor plane. They can steal your money from you and use it to kill babies – but don’t cut off their gas – wooooo…….

  • To all those people who support this bill, think about this, It’s not what you do it’s how you do it. That being said the way they handled it would have our forefathers turning in their graves, at least they could of had a shred of decency to follow the constitution rather then forcing it. With that being said all those who stand against this “constitutional rape” will see me standing next to them and we shall be the voice of reason that the government will listen to.

    “Every generation needs a new REVOLUTION” -for those that don’t know, that is a quote from Thomas Jefferson (America’s 3rd president) and my friends that time is now.

  • Since the far left did not , at least in theory get the public option why are they getting a pass. For all anyone knows Pelosi could be threatening Congress, she scares the hell out of me.

    These people will do anything to discredit the other side, and as far as death threats go, have you seen their poll numbers, maybe they have been receiving death threats all along, it is just now they can use them to their advantage.

  • Jerry in Detroit -

    How about a “Tea Party” neighborhood watch program to “protect” them while they are in office. Once out of office, they should be perfectly safe and can call the police like the rest of us if they have any anxieties.

  • WAAAA-WAAAA! Somebody call these idiots a WAmbulence! They’ve been getting threats since all this crap began, and NOW they’re complaining? Hey Nancy, do you want some cheese&crackers with your whine? It reminds me of when we were kids: “MOM!!! He’s calling me names, make him stop”!! Grow up and take responsability for your actions! You passed this bill, now deal with the wrath of WE THE PEOPLE!

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