Thomas Paine On Illegal Alien Amnesty

“We are either a nation or laws or we are not!”

Bob Basso as Thomas Paine explaining the politicizing of this issue to create more voters to secure a political party’s power base.

Americans break the law and go to jail; illegal aliens break the law and receive citizenship.  When I hear Luis Gutierrez speak about common criminals as victims, I know that the liberal left cannot be allowed to gain total control of this country due to their incredible lack of a moral compass.

The most interesting aspect of this video is Luis Gutierrez speaking making these aliens legal so that they can pay their taxes.  Yet another revenue stream for a bankrupt treasury, but Luis has not taken into account that there will be fewer and fewer jobs in the future.

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By Logistics Monster

One Comment

  • As soon as the undesirables are weeded out and sent back you can just hear the R word being spewed from the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, and the brain dead among us. This would never work even in my little pony land.

    If this process takes 5 or 6 years, send them back, it really isn’t much of a trip for most that are here illegally and let them go to the back of the line.

    Depending on the day the amount of Americans opposed to health care bill is around 70% I am sure you can add to that % of Americans opposed to amnesty, with Americans fighting for jobs, and out of work, there is going to be a push back to match or surpass the hcb

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