Tom Delay “Sickened” By Healthcare Vote (VIDEO)

Join the club Tom, as Americans across the country are weeping and puking over the ‘fundamental transformation’ of our country by a group of fascists.

Tom Delay gave Geraldo an earful last evening about the dems’ disrespect for the Constitution knowing no bounds.

A few favorite quotes because he is absolutely on the mark, and has Nancy’s number.  If you chose not to watch Nazi Nancy so as to keep your food down, it was some unbelievably arrogant prattle about how the dems are following the values and vision of the founders.  Yes, I have a bucket next to my desk, and I continue to urge my readers to watch and remember…

The speech by Speaker Pelosi is why Congress is held in the worst disregard in the history of the House of Representatives.  Not only did they not listen to the American people, they shredded and trashed the Constitution, and then stood there on the floor of the House and lied to the American people.

…You Saw the Constitution Burned By the Dems in the House of Representatives Tonight.

By Logistics Monster


  • TarNFeathers -

    Rare if ever I agree with any Politician in D.C.

    But I’m with you Tom,

    Now we can get on with firing all of them in November.

  • The complete arrogance that these sh–heads showed last night will not be forgotten come November, and EVERYONE must keep reminding others what happened on 3-21-10!!!

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Rev up your engines, folks, we have a real big fight ahead of us to save our union. And we WILL do it! If anyone is interested has a very good article on a speech Senator Hatch gave to the House earlier this year about the constitutionality of the bill. It is long but well worth the read. Can ‘t beleive I agreed with anything Orin Hatch said. How I’ve changed in the past 2 years!

  • One of the first changes that is slated to take place is not being denied if you have a pre-existing condition. I carry my own insurance I was quoted one price but due to the pre-existing condition of high blood pressure my quote was rated up 25%. I can only assume that high blood pressure is one of the most common and more easily treated pre-existing condition.

    So when all of those who have been denied coverage are now seeking insurance because they are now guaranteed access, what are they going to do if they can not afford the policy? Then they will be fined because they will not be able to pay the premium. If high blood pressure is a rate up of 25% what will a more serious condition be?

    This will then allow for the introduction of single payer pool because these geniuses that came up with this plan did not factor in this consequence, or did they?

  • Leaping Spark -

    Patriots wake up, this crap has nothing to do with healthcare! It is about the control of all production and distribution in America by the Communist Obama.

    Get ready for 29 million illegal scumbags to become citizens and for the assault on the 2nd Amendment by Obama’s Communist lackeys. The Communist have control of the banks, healthcare, and most of the auto industry already, guns and property ownership are also on their agenda.

    Obama purposely back loaded the stimulus bill to finance his 2012 re- election campaign. Healthcare is just a smoke screen for the continued takeover of production and redistribution of America’s wealth to people who don’t deserve it, and have never worked in their lives.

    Lets all face it We the People saw what was happening and did nothing, part of the guilt for the destruction of America is ours.

  • California Patriot -

    How many really know the truth about what is happening in our country and the world? It’s time to wake up to reality. The illuminati have been controlling us for more than 200 years. They are the international bankers. They care not who or what we vote for. While we fight amongst ourselves and try to vote this one or that one out of office, they are busy with the end game. Some people see and understand this, many others don’t. Those who don’t will wake up when the evil deed of one world government has been achieved. G. Eward Griffin knows this, Myron Fagan knew this, many people know. Here’s a good site to check out: . But don’t take my word for this, check it out yourselves.

    To me, the only hope we have is people waking up and having a military to back us up when the time comes.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Just a brief history lesson regarding the 10th Amendment. just in case your state isn’t ready to file a lawsuit on Obama’s Deathcare.

    Any powers that are not exclusive powers of the government, or that are not specifically denied the states by the constitution, are the powers of the states, or of the people. Some examples of state powers are: taxing, passing laws concerning education, marriage, divorce, contracts, inheritances and corporations; setting up state courts; and regulating health, morals, safety, and public welfare.

    Patriots wake up the Communist bastards in DC are stepping all over the Constitution, the states, and We the People. If your state is not filing a lawsuit against this BS bill you should be insisting that they file one as soon as our illegal president signs it into law, and then we should immediately recall and replace all of the Communist bastards that voted for it in the first place!

    The time for the second American revolution draws near and I’m not a damn Communist, are you?

  • >>>Just a brief history lesson regarding the 10th Amendment.<<<

    Here's a brief lesson for you…

    The Commerce Clause + Wickard v. Filburn = Exclusive power of the government

    !0th Amendment doesn't apply idiot for the very reason you gave. How fitting.

  • Leaping Spark -

    It’s alright DT, liberals always result to lies and name calling, with their 85 IQ’s it’s all they are really capable of anyway. It’s far easier for them to live off of someone else rather then work. Beside that 38 states seem to think they have standing under the 10th admendment to stop this Communist takeover of 1/6th of our production and distribution.

    Chaos your are more then welcome to join your comrades in Russia.

    • Sparky – I’m all for air dropping all of them into North Korea – see how they really like it then. Want their freakin’ cake and be able to eat it too. Not freakin’ likely!

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