Join the club Tom, as Americans across the country are weeping and puking over the ‘fundamental transformation’ of our country by a group of fascists.

Tom Delay gave Geraldo an earful last evening about the dems’ disrespect for the Constitution knowing no bounds.

A few favorite quotes because he is absolutely on the mark, and has Nancy’s number.  If you chose not to watch Nazi Nancy so as to keep your food down, it was some unbelievably arrogant prattle about how the dems are following the values and vision of the founders.  Yes, I have a bucket next to my desk, and I continue to urge my readers to watch and remember…

The speech by Speaker Pelosi is why Congress is held in the worst disregard in the history of the House of Representatives.  Not only did they not listen to the American people, they shredded and trashed the Constitution, and then stood there on the floor of the House and lied to the American people.

…You Saw the Constitution Burned By the Dems in the House of Representatives Tonight.

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