Live Streaming House Healthcare Vote, 3.21.2010

UPDATE: Look for the list of roll call votes, here.

I urge every American to watch the death of the American system as democrat traitors take away your voice and vote for a bill that the majority of Americans do not want.

Bear Witness!

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UPDATE: House Aristocrats pass Obamacare, 219-212.

By Logistics Monster


  • dale gains -

    I have read about these “democratic traitors”. I wholeheatedly agree! I find it so hard to believe that these americans (and I use that term loosely!) will approve a bill that is so convoluted they do not even understand it. If this does pass, It will lead down a path that may lead to another civil war! I only hope that it does not come to an armed revolt.

  • dale gains -

    These Democrats cannot believe this @#$%! Are they stupid? I’ve read the senate bill, and they have no idea what is in it!

  • leaping spark -

    Sorry I can’t watch America being sold into the slavery of Communism, and I am not looking forward to answering my grand children when they ask why I let it happen and did nothing to stop it.

  • The rest of the world -

    leaping spark you are an idiot…. you should be ashamed that you went to war for 10 years and put the country 3 Trillion dollars in the red NOT THAT YOU ARE HELPING YOUR OWN PEOPLE WITH HEALTHCARE.

  • Granny Grips -

    at midnight this nation will turn into a pumpkin

    the socialist republic of the USA

    The communists have won

  • Leaping Spark -


    Why don’t you move to Russia with the rest of the Communist, You don’t seem to have a clue about America. America is great because patriots have always worked hard, not sat on their communist butts waiting for handouts.
    Obama is a Communist POS, and I don’t intend to be one of his slaves. Have a good day Comrade Kate.

  • NoTingles -

    Bart Stupack, you are in so much trouble! The motion to recommit was a brilliant move, and I outline the strategy as follows:
    Even though he knew beforehand the motion would fail, he counted on the suspicion that Democrats are only interested in passing the bill, although it’s not even yours. By engaging in your petulant, and ill-conceived little tirade, you showed America your ass, and you proved that Democrats cannot be trusted with the prolife question.
    You are a prolifer in name only sir, and I repudiate your actions in the strongest possible terms because you duped the prolife minded voters to vote for you, and then by your betrayal on Sunday, you let them down, and sinned against God. And as far as we’re concerned, you are finished in Congress. The calculation also revealed that Democrats are only interested in a win and the end justifies the means. In spite of all your chicanery and back room deals, your 60% majority barely managed a squeeker of a win. Rest assured, America has been disgusted with what she has seen, and vigorously she will respond. This will not stand sir because in as much as you and Democrat Congress have snubbed the expressed will of the majority, we will promptly remove you all from office.
    You caved and you accepted a bowl of Obama pottage for your birthright. The executive order easily given is just as easily revoked, and mark my words, that is what will happen, thus you have let all prolifers across this nation down and sentenced thousands more to death in the womb. How does it feel, sir, knowing you have betrayed millions of Americans who trusted you and believed you were the real deal. They know otherwise after Sunday night, don’t they?.
    You have no defense. You’ve been completely caught out and ironically, you did it to yourself.

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