…NEXT! Anti-Obama Billboard; Grand Junction, CO (3.19.2010)

I have actually lost count of the number of billboards that have been paid for with real money and put up all over the country protesting the Whiner-In-Chief (etc.).

Here is the next one in the list of many more  to come.

By Logistics Monster


  • The fact that the media is giving it air time is interesting, I guess they finally understand the power of the people and how it might affect their jobs.

    Carter still wins for being the worst president we all know what Obama is.

  • jslikesit -

    It is so true we can not call Pres. Carter the worst President anymore since the disaster that was George Bush’s presidency.

  • Scapegoating Obama … same old tired stuff. Bush left a mess we’re still climbing out of, yet Obama gets the blame for everything from our 12 million undocumented residents, to extremist militancy around the world. Get a clue. The world is more complex … not black and white and simple, as some would have us believe. Fear-mongering and stirring up disrespect and anger won’t fix our problems or heal our divisions.

    • Jeanette – excuse me but WAKE THE FUCK UP! There is very little difference between Bush and Obama. They are both progressive globalists. Stop looking at the two parties as two parties. don’t be such a fuckin’ moo! I’m so sick of people who have all of the proof and information that the New World Order is driving us off the cliff and they still want to say it’s Dem or Repub.

  • incognito-ergo-sum -

    Sorry it went down. I wanted to post one next to it saying “Vote for Republicans and you vote for this mentality.”

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