Michele Bachmann Floor Speech Against Tyranny, 3.19.2010

Michele Bachmann continues to fight for us and against Obamacare, and her exhaustion is starting to show.  If you have not sent off a thank you card to Michele, WHY NOT?

Barack Obama is about to take over 50% of the American economy with the Slaughter Solution. There are so many items in this POS bill that are just plain wrong, but the IRS becoming the enforcer of Obamacare at a cost of $10 Billion and 17,000 new employees is just more sh** sliding downhill. Think about all those benefits those new government employees are going to collect on a bankrupt system while we will be fined and/or jailed for an un-Constitutional mandate.  Does not seem very much like the America we grew up in, does it?

I strongly recommend that you listen to the entire speech.

Part 2:

Part 3:

By Logistics Monster


  • Molly from California -

    Hi –does anyone know aboot how many people showed up in Washington today to urge the NO vote on the HC bill?

  • Granny Grips -

    This communist controlled government will not listen to anyone.
    Read the rules for Radicals that DT has posted – they are going
    through that playbook word by word.

    We must all concentrate 100% effort on flipping congress and the Senate.
    We must all take time to convince 15% of the 43% who still do not
    get it. If each of the 56% who now get it work on one or two of the
    illiterate citizens, and flip them, we may be able to eliminate some
    of the damage in January.
    Then work to flip the rest in 2012 and prosecute the traitors.
    We have been typing our fingers off for a year, signing petitions,
    sending faxes and emails, calling and calling, no one has been home.
    Miclele Bachmann is a true leader and we need to make sure she is re-elected. Pelosi, Acorn, Seiu, Obma’s thugs are doing serious damage to her in Minnesota and the propaganda is evil.

  • Granny Grips -

    call for everyone sending her 10 bucks to make sure she is

    Someone could post a “money bomb” to help her out. we know we
    are all taped out but there has to be some money floating around

    • I would also urge LM readers to remember where all this great information is coming from and lend a hand.

      Boldness requires courage to press through your fears to do what is right, does this not sound like DT?

      Money is tight but on another post you will find billboards that people are putting up and spending a lot of their own money to help get the message out, you come here to find the truth, so what is the truth worth these days?

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