(Honk 2 Stop Obamacare) Sounds Like Some Mighty Loud Astroturf!

(Editor’s Note: If this doesn’t make your face hurt, check out because you must be dead. H/T BB.)

Tucson drivers were honking like crazy outside Gabby Giffords’ office at Swan and Pima, trying to tell the wayward congresswoman that the people of Tucson are NOT in favor of Washington’s corrupt takeover of our health care.

Tucson, ArizonaPopulation: 486,669

Get ready for this; either turn up the volume or turn it down.  Remember, this video is a perfect example of the mighty, Republican paid for, astro-turf campaign against Bambi Obama.  This has nothing to do with healthcare, corrupt politicians, or un-Constitutional laws – we just want to see him fail. (snark for those mental midgets out there.)

And now for the real astroturfer:
Annabel Park:

And for the little party that Annabel has started. Chicago Coffee Party, March 13th, 2010 – Kickoff Day:

Let’s REVIEW, shall we?
Coffee Party:

Coffee Party, 3.13.2010, Bethlehem, PA (20+, BIG Coffee Party)

Tea Party:

9.12.09, Washington, DC - 2.1 Million(?)

If these non-representative, government officials want to be so stupid as to pass this bill, then allow them to do so and see what happens next.

By Logistics Monster


  • clemintine -

    i will be joining folks outside harry mitchell’s office today for the same type of rally. we have 5 reps from arizona that are problematic. i believe each one will be getting the same treatment.

    i don’t have to worry about my rep…he is a definite NO! and there are two others that are definite NO! (yes, we currently have 8 congressional districts….not the fantasy number that was posted on the recovery……gov page)

  • If these people are so smart, why did it take so long for them to come up with an alternative movement? It is such a joke if it took them a year to come up Coffee Party I think I understand what is going on in DC, they seemed to have a plan, they planned to have a plan but they never had a damn plan. So what we are seeing now is an unraveling of a non-plan, and we get to clean it up.

    • clemintine -

      you are so right….i can’t believe the ensteins in this group were able to move our nation so far towards their liberal utopia before we started to notice……now that we are awake and paying attention, they don’t have a chance in h%%%!

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