Paul Ryan: Passing Obamacare The Washington Way

Pay Attention! Mr. Ryan breaks down Obamacare in a way that has not yet been done; simply and concisely.

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsense- nancy -

    Thanks for this, DT. I was in DC yesturday for what it was worth. I just had a distressful conversation on the phone with my daughter who is in favor of the bill. it really is very few people I talk to who are in favor of it.

    • and how old would your daughter be – early 30’s? I have a few younger friends and they just love Obama – but they haven’t matured enough yet to understand what is about to happen. hang in there!!! Thanks for going to DC for us!!!

  • Leaping Spark -

    I’ve been gone for months but nothing has changed, the Communist Obama is still following his Hitler like agenda for the take over of the United States and yet “We the People” still do nothing but complain. Folks it is not about healthcare, it is about redistribution of the wealth nothing more nothing less.
    Our Communist, POS president is not going to stop until he has accomplished his Marxist goals for America. Obama’s utopian scheme of leveling the playing field (redistribution of wealth) and government ownership of all means of production and distributorship are despotic and unconstitutional.

    Obama believes the government has the right to level the playing field by equal distribution of the wealth which gives the government the power to deprive ANY of the people of their equal rights to enjoy their lives, liberties, and property.

    Stalin and Hitler seized their respective healthcare systems and millions died. American are soon to find out that not only will this cost us our freedom and liberties, it could cost us our lives.

    Enough said!

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