3 thoughts on “Tea Party Code Red Surge On Capital Hill; 3.16.2010”

  1. You know the crazies in DC never thought this would hold our attention for as long as it has. Since we do not all watch reality rather we live in reality there is no way for them to sneak anything through.

    If any of this garbage becomes law we will know exactly who’s fingerprints are on it and they will be held accountable. They can get people do support them when they provide incentive, the concept of people doing what they believe in and sticking with it never crossed their minds, since that is never a value they possessed.

    Thanks for the last video DT, I needed to see that.

  2. Obamacare is yet another BS program designed to bring America to its knees. This healthcare is needed in the “reform way” but to break the bank means only one thing is waiting for America………….another form of government……..and there is already one waiting to takes this ones place. Marxism! Obama is now using phoney numbers to push his progressive agenda:


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