Nancy Pelosi Should Be Tried For Treason

Echoing the thoughts of millions:

By Logistics Monster


  • Granny Grips -

    can they waterboard tyrants

    She is the enemy within

  • I agree comepletly, She should be tried for treason……….

  • Descent is only patriotic when it is a Bolshevik doing it. Democrats are two faced. Everyone who voted for the Communist Health Control bill should be tried for treason. Americans don’t want it, only Bolsheviks do.

  • granny gripes -

    we all have to double our efforts to flip congress, so that she can
    be ‘charged’ and tried. corruption, etc.
    perhaps she would appreciate the opportunity to benefit from FREE Prison Health care.
    can you believe her favorables are higher than S Harry Reid’s ?
    33% still go ga ga ga over her. I thought it was down to 11% but heard
    those numbers today on a talk show. perhaps in her district.
    That other web site shows 11% favorable. NO idea who is honest
    in these polls either anymore.

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