Erick Erickson Goes Over To The Dark Side

A possible answer to Erick Erickson’s bizarre ban of free speech on RedState in a quote from a reader who sent the following article to the Monster:

I guess we know now why he would not allow the birthers or truthers to post on his site. I am sure the devil is dancing somewhere.

Here’s My News: Erick Erickson Joins CNN’s Roster of Political Contributors

Well, CNN made an offer I couldn’t refuse. I’ve joined the network. Starting next Monday, you’ll be seeing a lot of me. I’m very excited by the opportunity. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. This is the path God put me on and it was totally unexpected, but I go where the good Lord leads.

Here’s the full release from CNN:

Prominent conservative commentator and editor Erick Erickson will join CNN as a political contributor, it was announced today by Sam Feist, CNN political director and vice president of Washington-based programming. Erickson will appear weeknights on John King, USA, which launches Monday, March 22, as well as provide perspective and commentary to other programs across the network.

By Logistics Monster


  • I guess this would be an unholy alliance, Erick needs to read more scripture, even Jesus was tempted but he recognized the temptation for what it was.

  • Granny Grips -

    Well, I am going to defend and stand by Erick, he has done
    incredible service to the conservative movement, getting conservative
    folks elected, etc.

    When the birthers and the 912 whatever come up with “reliable documentation” and credible witnesses, it will merit discussion, until
    then it is just another 40 year black helicopter discussion and a huge
    waste of tme. We have to focus on what is reality, factual, documented
    with reliable and credible witness and or documentation.
    there are too many fluid issues we can spend our time on right now
    that demand urgent attention.

    • Granny the birthers have been trying to come up with documentation, only no one will uphold the Constitution and hear the cases or require that the rPresident release his b/c, college records. passport and on and on.

      This is not a conspiracy this is what is going on and anyone who becomes a part of it for whatever reason is allowing it to continue. CNN brought him on board for ratings.

      All of the fluid issues go away if someone will just do the right thing and expose this fraud.

      There are a lot of wolves in sheep clothing out there and just because it looks and acts like a sheep it does not mean it is one.

  • Granny Grips -

    perhaps we need to cheer
    we have one of ours in the enemy camp
    why judge before you see what and how he delivers.

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