Slaughter Solution; Valid Option For Dems On Obamacare

Representatives did not read the health care bill and we let them get away with it.  Why should we expect them to actually do the job they are being paid to do and vote on it instead of using an unconstitutional rule to “get their way”?

Are we to treason yet?

So Obamacare is better than nothing?

Eric Cantor vs. Van Hollen:

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsense- nancy -

    Van Hollen and the weasle Gibbs spew out such propaganda it makes me sick. They don’t even mind that they are being treasonoous, and yes, I do think it is treason. Catch how Cantor carries a copy of the constitution!

    I’m going to DC on Tuesday to try to talk to my senators and reps. We hope to have a big crowd. Wish us luck in getting some of them to see it our way.

  • Granny Grips -

    send a thank you note to RINO, Olympia Snowe, who had the chance to kill the bill in October 2009 and refused!

    ONE vote by a RINO is about to destory this nation. Take away
    every single one of our rights.

    NO MORE “moderates” like S Olympia SNOWE, her yes vote
    advanced this bill to the floor
    it would have died
    it would have been killed if she had the spine to vote NO at a
    critical time.

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