It really doesn’t matter whether George is or not; one of the organizations he supports has donated to The Coffee Party.  Is this an astroturf campaign more than a year after millions of regular Americans got up off their couches and pushed their kitchen chairs back?  More than likely.  Will it matter in the long run?  Definitely not because there are still more people in this country that remember the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and what they stand for than there are people that are busy rewriting history to achieve the “collective greater good”.  To borrow a phrase from the Red Lemur, “Communism Kills, Capitalism Builds”.

I watched the above video and of course, did some investigating. (The Video has been removed from YouTube).

I have included a few questions from the Coffee Party USA’s own website.  There are more if you want to do a fly-by, but these were the relevant ones.

Coffee Party FACT CHECK

Fri, 2010-03-12 14:20 — Coffee Party USA

Q:  Is Coffee Party USA affiliated with billionaire George Soros, the founder Soros Fund Management and Open Society Institute?

No.   Democracy in Action is a vendor that licenses Internet technology for websites, including ours.  Democracy in Action has received funding from Mr. Soros, but Coffee Party USA has not received any money from either the Open Society Institute or from Mr. Soros.

Q: What is Coffee Party USA’s affiliation with Democracy in Action and Wired for Change?

Democracy in Action and Wired for Change are vendors that offer Internet (CRM) services. When our Facebook fan page began to grow very rapidly, we realized that we needed a website. Democracy in Action, Salsa, Wired for Change, and Spherit technologies were all donated to us by their respective vendors. As a grassroots movement with no initial operating budget, we have relied on services, volunteer hours, tools, and expertise donated by a variety of individuals and organizations.

So who is Democracy In Action?  If you want to double check this quote, you will have to Scroogle their site because I definitely am not linking to them.

Through DemocracyInAction, nonprofits have access to a special Salsa configuration built specifically for the progressive nonprofit community.

DemocracyInAction, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization itself, believes technology can be a decisive force for social change. We exist to empower those who share our values of ecological and social justice to advance the progressive agenda.

Well isn’t that lovely?

Ever wonder why you don’t see Google ads or super conservative ads on this site?

Remember the progressive mantra; “the ends justify the means”.

Hele Mai!!

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