Resurrecting The Islamic Empire: “I Don’t Believe In The Concept Of Freedom Of Expression”

British Islamist Anjem Choudary, the leader of Islam4UK was interviewed on PressTV (Iran) 2.3.2010 and this is his opening statement about Islam regaining it’s legendary beacon of light status in the world.  He may be just one very militant muslim among millions, but how many more believe the way he does?

Our main objectives are to invite the societies in which we live to think about Islam as an alternative way of life, to command good and forbid evil wherever we are, and ultimately, as well, to establish the shari’a on state level; which is the caliphate system of governance – in order to be a beacon again in the world.

Make sure that by the time you reach 3:20 you have your barf bucket close.  Then mark the following date and info on your calenders.

From Patriots For America:

Elected Officials Need to See Information Like This

On April 24th, American Congress for Truth will host its second national webcast conference, “Radical Islam: A Threat America Must Take Seriously.”

The conference will take place from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time. All that is necessary to view the conference is to log in using the link immediately below, any time between 9:50 AM and 5:00 PM.…

We have a powerful line-up of expert speakers: Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Spencer, Walid Phares, Andrew Bostom, John Guandolo, and Guy Rodgers.

It has been said “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The five minute video below is worth 10,000 words.

This is the worldview our elected representatives need to see and understand.
This is what we are up against.
This is what we need to fight.
Please spread the word, and plan on joining us on April 24th!

From TelegraphUK:

Anjem Choudary

What is Islam4UK?

Islam4UK is a web-based organisation that describes itself as “a platform” for the extremist group Al Muhajiroun, which has been banned in Britain.

Among its founders are the militant preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed – who is living in exile in Lebanon – and former solicitor Anjem Choudary, who both played a part in Al Muhajiroun.

Bakri, who inspired the fertiliser bomb terrorist Omar Khyam, helped organise a seminar after the September 11 attacks in favour of the “Magnificent 19” and went on to call the July 7 bombers the “Fantastic Four”.

He and Mr Choudary were also behind the protests against the controversial Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Bakri was banned from the UK shortly after the London bombings in 2005 while his group Al-Muhajiroun was banned under the British Terrorism Act 2006.

However, Islam4UK soon sprang up in its place and offers Bakri a platform to deliver his lectures over the internet.

Labour MP Andrew Dismore, who called for the prohibition of Al Muhajiroun 10 years ago, said: “The trouble is they just keep reinventing themselves.”

Islam4UK make it clear that their plan is to make Britain an Islamic state and introduce sharia law.

One article on the site even calls for Buckingham Place to be turned into a mosque once this goal is achieved, showing a mock-up picture of what it might look like.

Mr Choudary, leader of the organisation, has said that “Islam is undeniably the only real solution for Britain’s problems.”

In February last year he called for people who get drunk to be publicly flogged and declared that alcohol should be “removed from society”.

He has repeatedly accused British soldiers of perpetrating “atrocities” against Muslims and admits his supporters were behind the protests by Muslim extremists who met troops returning from Iraq to Luton earlier this year.

Mr Choudary also believes that Christmas is “evil” and turkey dinners, crackers and Christmas trees are the “pathway to hellfire”.

In March he was investigated by police after attempting to raise funds for mujahideen fighters. However, his organisation has not been banned.

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By Logistics Monster


  • How in the world did she sit there an listen to that man? I think I would have asked, “What is so beautiful about the way you treat women, as if they are cattle?” “Why can’t you see the hate in your own Muslim radicals?” “What gives you the right to speak about not having freedom of speech when you are using it right now, in this venue?”

    Hateful and scary people, very scary.

  • From Atlas Shrugs: BBC Broadcasts an IQ2 debate “Europe is failing its Muslims”

    We really have to pay attention to this as could this be our future, debating as to how America if failing its Muslims. Time to speak up and be bold. This is what is headed our way and probably is here already.

    Listening to that clip I could not help but think of the 500 Christians in Nigeria that were slaughtered by Muslims. A baby was scalped just because the parents were Christians.

    I realize there is not a lot of discussion on this site about religion and while I respect others beliefs this is really about a religious war, Islam wants to rule the world, there is no other way to say it. You may not be a Christian or Jew but you are a target if you are not a believer of Islam, make not mistake that is the ultimate goal.

  • Wow, the press gives a few minutes to a few radicals and you lump us all in the same boat with this guy.

    Christians, catholics, jews, and muslims all share atrocities and tyrants in their history. I however am a muslim and have no intention of doing anything but live a peaceful and productive life with my family under the values I believe in.

    Perhaps you’d all like to round us up into muslim concentration camps…. and I shudder to think what you would plan for us next.

    If you actually watched to British Council debate instead of listening to what the guy next to you said about it, you’d find out just how easy going a lot of us are. We’re mostly tolerant and productive members of western societies. Asking us to also integrate into YOUR society is like us asking you to integrate into ours. Vicious circle.

    Anyways, this is a debate that will continue and I have much too much fishing to get in today.

    Be good people and stop generalizing.


    • Gunthar – relax.

      He may be just one very militant muslim among millions, but how many more believe the way he does?

      This sentence was written by me with you in mind. I know muslims come here and I appreciate your unique insight – but we are talking about radical islamic clerics.

      This is the reason why I don’t like bringing religion into the mix here at the Monster. People get upset very quickly.

      Unfortunately, I am not going to omit information about militants just because I don’t want anybody getting their panties in a bind. I will say this – Islam as taught by muslims like Choudray directly infringes on my religious beliefs and I won’t put up with his crap any day of the week.

      • P.S. Gunthar…I could sit around and talk about the religious right christians in the world that scare the crap outta me, but at this point I have no credible evidence they are suicide bombers for Christ or are blowing up innocent lives around the world. Pat Robertson talking about the Haiti’s deal with the devil was over the top.

    • Gunthar if offense was taken none was intended.

      Through out history there are examples of how a few highly motivated individuals made the difference and it was always for the better. I would say being willing to kill yourself for your beliefs is highly motivated.

      The point I had hoped to make was that people need to pay attention and not be content to think it could not be a problem for all of us, including peaceful Muslims, in the future.

      Americans especially seem to stay in a denial mode until trouble is in their face and then yell why didn’t anyone speak up.

      Hope the fish were biting.

  • I wonder why she did not question whether, under shari’a, she would even have the right to be sitting there interviewing him.

    His ability to justify his actions – taking money from a government system he wants to destroy, or using free speech to express his beliefs while wanting to deny free speech to others – is reminiscent of the hypocrisy of our own Congress right now.

    He says they do not abide by man’s laws, only the laws of Allah. Yet those laws are interpreted, and punishment meted out, by man. More hypocrisy.

    Radicalism on all fronts is bullshit. It’s all about power and control.

  • Gunthar,

    If you are just a peaceful, fishing kind of muslim guy, why are you not outraged by this man? Isn’t he giving your faith a black eye? I would think he would rile you up even more than non-muslims – if indeed you are what you imply you are.

    But let’s face it – the hypothetical “moderate muslims” of the world never, ever seem to be upset by those who want to kill the rest of us or take away our freedom. Why is that?

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