Day: March 11, 2010

Obamacare: Medicare Tax To Become An Income Tax

I remember many years ago, my immigrant grandmother telling me that when she came to this country (and for sometime after), no one paid income taxes. That was probably the moment of my awakening to the serfdom agenda being put forward by the ruling class. Remember learning that the income tax was not supposed to go above 7%-8%? The Obamacare plan is some 2700 pages and I'm not sure anyone really knows all the hidden goodies inside of it.   This is the official heads-up for LM readers that actually make money on something other than working a job.  If you…
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Virginia Passes Law Against Federally Mandated Health Insurance

Five democrat lawmakers in the democratically controlled Virginia Statehouse crossed party lines to vote for a bill banning the federal mandate on health insurance in the state of Virginia.  Gov. Bob McDonnell is planning on signing this bill, and 35 more states either have legislation on the books or bills in process right now to stop Obamacare on an individual state basis. From World Net Daily: Silver bullet from U.S. states kills 'mandatory' Obamacare 36 legislatures fight for citizens' rights to opt out of health-coverage demand At least 36 state legislatures are considering legislation that would allow citizens to opt…
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Resurrecting The Islamic Empire: “I Don’t Believe In The Concept Of Freedom Of Expression”

British Islamist Anjem Choudary, the leader of Islam4UK was interviewed on PressTV (Iran) 2.3.2010 and this is his opening statement about Islam regaining it's legendary beacon of light status in the world.  He may be just one very militant muslim among millions, but how many more believe the way he does? Our main objectives are to invite the societies in which we live to think about Islam as an alternative way of life, to command good and forbid evil wherever we are, and ultimately, as well, to establish the shari'a on state level; which is the caliphate system of governance…
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