Texas Textbook Battle

Start history class at 1877?  NOTHING surprises me anymore.

By Logistics Monster


  • It doesn’t surprise me but it sure as hell disgusts me. Let’s hope they manage to do the right thing because if they don’t, this country is in trouble.

    • Each and every day I am grateful that I was put in a position where I had to home school my son. I am sure he knows more about math, science, and history than his counterparts in school.

  • The Ministry of Truth begins in Texas? Let’s rewrite history so none of those nasty Christians or Jews are in there. But of course, there must be an exception to the 1877 rule; they need to teach about Muhammad.

    • The insideousness of what has been transpiring while we have been working our butts off to make a better life for ourselves, our children, and now our parents is unbelievable to me. Really. How can someone be of such a weak spirit as to think we should equally distribute everybody’s labors. Progressivism is what this is and erasing the founding fathers is one sure way of the further sheep to the slaughter mandate.

  • There are other alternatives for parents, if you can not home school you can purchase books that will reflect what you want your child to learn.

    It is extra work and expense but it could be considered tutoring only you would be the tutor, I have home schooled I know what is involved but if it is not possible a parent can most certainly provide extra education in the areas they feel the public schools are lacking. That may be the only way you can be sure what you child is exposed to, sad as that is you do have some control.

    • Kathy, I hate to say it, but if anybody’s child is going to school, they better start tutoring them on the basics too. Math, english, science, etc.

  • clemintine -

    i hate to admit this, (as i truly do not have a prejudice against any group evidenced by my circle of friends), but when i saw this on the news and a teenage girl was complaining about the lack of “mexican American” history in the text and how she does not even know how she “got here”……..my first thought was possibly illegally……

    then a woman was stating a belief, that seemed to say, she wanted race and politics essentially scrubbed from the text books……no left or right, no etc…….

    i have not verified this, as i have no texts to reference; however, i have heard that the preamble to the bill of rights has been omitted from texts for a number of years. no wonder we have generations that believe our rights come from the gov’t……..

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