The $11 Trillion Looting Of America

Soros.  Why does that name ring a bell?

Who’s Behind the Financial Crisis?

AIM Column  |  By Cliff Kincaid  |  March 4, 2010

The Times noted that a dinner was held in New York last month where “representatives of some of these hedge funds discussed betting against the euro” in the wake of the Greek financial crisis.

The New York Times is quoting a spokesman for George Soros as saying that the well-known hedge fund operator is guilty of no wrong-doing in connection with the financial upheaval currently affecting Greece and Europe as a whole. But Zubi Diamond, author of the powerful new book, Wizards of Wall Street, says the agenda of Soros and other short sellers is clear. Their purpose, he says, is “to loot America and any foreign country which invested in America. Greece was one of them. Iceland was ravaged and annihilated.”

The term “short selling” in this context refers to investors, speculators and currency manipulators who bet on the decline or collapse of a stock or currency through complex financial instruments handled mostly through secret off-shore accounts. For the hedge fund short sellers to make money, prices have to go down.

Short sellers, who are appearing at a March 11 event at the libertarian Cato Institute, insist that they “provide liquidity and transparency to our capital markets” and that their operations “expose corporate fraud and mismanagement.”

But Diamond strongly disagrees. He says the Managed Funds Association, the lobbying arm of the hedge fund short sellers, is crafty and deceitful. “When they tell you that short selling contributes liquidity to the market, that is a lie,” he says. “Short selling destroys capital and takes away liquidity from the market. When they tell you that they are taking steps to remove manipulation from the stock market, that is a lie. They are taking steps to introduce manipulation to the stock market, and prime the stock market for manipulation and looting. When they tell you that the uptick rule is outdated, because of decimalization, that is a lie. They lie to deceive, to bring forth a big payday from short selling, hence the looting of America and America’s wealthiest corporations and their shareholders, sanctioned by their Washington D.C. lapdogs.”

“The most influential members of Managed Funds Association, the hedge fund short sellers, have an anti-capitalism agenda, an anti-industrialized nation agenda, and a far left liberal, Marxist radical agenda,” Diamond says.” Hedge Fund short sellers are not capitalist. They are anti-capitalist and they are not investors; they are anti-investors.” He says they “loot” companies and countries.

The Times noted that a dinner was held in New York last month where “representatives of some of these hedge funds discussed betting against the euro” in the wake of the Greek financial crisis. As a result, the paper said, at least four hedge funds had been asked by the Justice Department to turn over trading records and other documents. They were Greenlight Capital, SAC Capitol Advisors, Paulson & Company and Soros Fund Management.

Claiming that Soros is not involved in any wrong-doing, Michael Vachon, a spokesman for Soros Fund Management, told the Times that “It has become commonplace to direct attention toward George Soros whenever currency markets are in the news.”

Diamond, an African immigrant who came to America and became a successful businessman, concludes otherwise, saying that Soros and other short sellers who belong to the Managed Funds Association, the “voice of the global alternative investment community,” are corrupting influences that undermine nations, their economies and currencies, and the global financial system as a whole.

Diamond, with 14 years of experience in the financial markets, calls his book a course in “Economic crisis 101” because of the need to inform ordinary Americans of what is happening right before their eyes. The book is easy to read, although it deals with complex financial regulations and operations, and is only 118 pages. The theme is that the economic crisis was deliberately engineered for profit and political gain and has already resulted in the “looting” of $11 trillion from the U.S. economy.

AIM had warned about this potential problem in a January 16, 2008, column, “Soros Bets on U.S. Economic Collapse,” in which we noted hedge fund ties to the Democratic Party and a report that hedge fund managers, including Soros, stood to make billions of dollars from a U.S. housing market collapse.

Go over to Accuracy in Media and read the rest.

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By Logistics Monster


  • yourmomscalling -

    You can now see the COWARDS in the white house and treasury BABIES like Giethner AKA RATFACE are now in most places they have it set so you cannot comment on them so its a OBVIOUS SIGN the white house is controlling the media now more than ever .

    Its fairly obvious we hit the right nerve so it must be true what they did these crooks have got to be stopped
    ELECTION DAY IS COMING !!!!!!!!!!!!! CROOKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Very interesting article! It’s going to be hard to educate the public on this and do anything about these pirates. Let’s hope there’s some hope in November for some positive change.

  • This posting starts my little grey cells turning. This time they are first going backwards. During the 2008 primaries many of us were convinced that George Soros sticky fingers were in every pot. IMO he engineered the rapid escalation of Obama and even though he called Hillary Clinton his “Golden Girl” and kept her going for a long while, he eventuallly decided that to make Obama the president and stay tight with Hillary for the future.

    Doesn’t it seem strange to some of you out there that Hillary fought like an amazon and assured her followers that she was in the race to stay
    right up until the convention when we were all ready for a floor fight if necessary. Then wham! like a shot in the dark she betrayed us and went over to the other side and urged all her followers to do so. At the time some of us wondered how Soros let this happen to the golden girl.

    But of course, there was a lot of finangling going on in the meantime, and I think Soros was responsible for the offer to Hillary for the SOS position. Money talks, and for Obama an assurance of an open sesame to Soro’s deep pockets would be quite an enticement. At the time I thought it had to take something powerful for Obama to make this decision since Michele and his closest advisors hated Hillary. When Hillary accepted this position she destroyed the admiration of a lot of us, but too many people didn’t try to look beyond the curtain and try to connect the dots.

    It suited Soro’s plans to have Obama as president, although I feel he would be able to pull the strings whichever one of them was president. He absolutely controlled (and still does) the DNC, and that stupid Howard Dean did what he was told. Ergo- a rigged election from the first caucus to the last vote cast (and registered by ACORN),

    It’s all about money and control. Soro’s group is determined to make the hope of a New World Order come to fruition. He will destroy any country in order to bring this about. He is determined to level the playing field all over the world and make no mistake about it, he is well on his way. I sincerely believe he was behind the collapse of the banks and he isn’t finished yet. He will continue on this path until we are indeed on a par with the third world countries. No one should have a penny more than the other guy even if that other guy hasn’t worked a day in his life. No one that is, except George Soros and his cohorts.

    $11 Trillion? Just a drop in the bucket to old Georgie. This man has been on the take and manipulating other people and situations since he was a your lad. After all, didn’t he sell out his own family to the Nazis? Tell me how he was able to work the system even back then and make it to America instead of to the gas chambers with his relatives?

    IMO this is one reason Obama is frenetically pushing all his bills through, whether by legal means or not. His buddy in crime is anxious to finish smashing the USA and move on with his plans for world domination. Does he athink Soros will take him with him? Make him Emperor of the New World Order or King of the World? Methinks Soros is a lot like Obama in one respect. He has a goal and nothing will stand in his way unless WE THE PEOPLE unite and form a barrier.

    As long as Obama can push through his initiatives and rape this country and its people he will do so. Haven’t you noticed that lately he is becoming more nervous and sarcastic in every speech and interview? Perhaps he will wear down before he can accomplish the complete destruction of

    Sorry, Diamond, I didn’t mean to steal your podium tonight, but I’ve been itching for a chance to get this off my chest and this seemed a good time.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll be fighting like a tiger (no pun intended) for a happy conclusion in November.

    • Jump right in there girlfriend, and be my guest, anytime!!! As for November, I hope we make it until then. The year is young and there are many stupid ass bills coming down the line.

  • granny gripes -

    THIS is our LAST chance to get it right. No more Prom Kings N Queens. DC is wall to wall with them.

    • Oh Granny – not hot on that popularity contest idea? I thought that was all the rage – ala American Idol. Just goes to prove there is a correlation between age, hardship, and wisdom.

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