Matthew McCabe To Attend Rohrabacher/Burton Press Conference (UPDATED VIDEO)

Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe

The continuing saga of the court-martial of Navy SEALS who brought a terrorist to justice gets a boost today when Reps. Rohrabacher and Burton hold a press conference calling for exoneration of the SEALs.  If and when video is posted of the event, I will find it and post it.

From Rep. Rohrabacher’s site:

[UPDATE: location change] ***MEDIA ADVISORY*** PRESS CONFERENCE*** Reps. Rohrabacher, Burton Renew Call For Exoneration of Navy SEAL “3”

Joined by Accused SEAL Matthew McCabe

Washington, Mar 3

Thursday, March 4, 2010
3:00pm EST

The House Triangle

Reps. Rohrabacher and Burton will be joined by accused Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe, over a dozen retired Navy SEALs and other special forces personnel, to renew calls for exoneration of the “Navy SEAL 3” charged with mistreating al-Qaeda leader, Ahmed Hashim Abed, mastermind behind the 2004 killing, burning and mutilation of four American contractors in Fallujah, Iraq.

In September 2009, SEALs Matthew McCabe, Julio Huertas, and Jonathan Keefe, were part of the SEAL team that captured Abed, considered the most wanted terrorist in Iraq. In December 2009 and January 2010, the SEALs were arraigned in military court on charges of giving false statements to investigators and abusing Abed after the detainee claimed he had been punched by his captors.

With the trials set to begin for SEALs Huertas and Keefe next month, Reps. Burton and Rohrabacher will again call for their exoneration and present signed petitions of support from over 100,000 Americans calling for the same. The petitions will then be delivered to Maj. Gen Cleveland and Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations.

Neal Puckett, attorney for Matthew McCabe, will also be on hand to provide an update on the case.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)
Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN)
Petty Officer 2nd Class, Matthew McCabe (Accused Navy SEAL)
Neal Puckett, Attorney
Capt. Larry Bailey, Retired Navy SEAL
Former Special Forces personnel

For those that are still out of the loop on this case, go here for the details.

By Logistics Monster


  • clemintine -

    this whole situation is such an outrage….our DOJ and DOD are more concerned about the “rights” of terrorists than the rights of American citizens/military.

    i have news for bo and his liberal wing nuts…….no matter what you do the terrorists will not love us! gov’ts, military and terrorist cells all over the world are laughing at us, while plotting how to take our nation down…..

    i say, let them try. they will find out they seriously underestimated American patriots!

  • I thought you guys were all for military tribunals.

    The guy they captured may very well be lying, and i have to believe if the
    commanding officers really believed that they’d bend over backwards to
    not press charges.

    Army Maj. General Charles Cleveland, who offered the Seals non judicial punishment, was in charge of the investigation. He has stated the charges are not base only on the detainees word but on also on the statements of the Seals peers. His bigger concern is that the Seals “attempts to cover-up the incident, particularly in what appears to be an effort to influence the testimony of a witness”

    If you can’t see the negative implications to the military(and therefore the country) of allowing personnel to obstruct justice, i think that’s just plain ignorant.

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