Day: March 8, 2010

The $11 Trillion Looting Of America

Soros.  Why does that name ring a bell? Who’s Behind the Financial Crisis? AIM Column  |  By Cliff Kincaid  |  March 4, 2010 The Times noted that a dinner was held in New York last month where “representatives of some of these hedge funds discussed betting against the euro” in the wake of the Greek financial crisis. The New York Times is quoting a spokesman for George Soros as saying that the well-known hedge fund operator is guilty of no wrong-doing in connection with the financial upheaval currently affecting Greece and Europe as a whole. But Zubi Diamond, author of…
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Texas Board Of Education Meeting On Textbooks This Week

On 2.6.2010, Mathew Staver of Liberty Council was on Huckabee speaking about the upcoming Texas School Board meeting about textbooks and curriculum. For those that do not understand the economics of this decision; what Texas decides will end up in your childrens' textbooks, no matter where you live. That meeting is going to be held this week, and here is the update. Who Decides What’s In Your Kids’ Textbooks? March 8, 2010 - 4:50 PM | by: Shannon Bream This week in Texas, the State Board of Education (SBOE) will consider curriculum modifications that could impact millions of students across…
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New Immigration Bill; Papers Please?

The new immigration bill written by progressives Chuckey Schumer and Lindsey Grahamnesty will be unveiled for the White House next week. So what could be worse than giving 10.8 million illegal aliens amnesty and assuring a democratic Congress and White House again? A NATIONAL ID CARD TO WORK. Can you say "Papers Please?" Has nobody learned the lessons of the past?  And does this mean that if we will be forced to carry a card to work, we can finally see all of Obama's sealed records? ID Card for Workers at Center of Immigration Plan Under a potentially controversial plan…
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Goodwin Liu: Adapt The Constitution To Culture

None of us thought that Sonja Sotomayor was going to be the last of Obama's radical anti-Constitutional appointees to the bench.  Change the course of education and you are then able to change the course of the country through the courts.  Obama may be a total feather-head with his strings being pulled by a puppet-master, but the change he so desperately thinks is the "better way" is coming down the tracks at us.   All of this happening under the cover of push for Obamacare, and the supposed war between Axelrod and Emanuel. You know the Obama administration's MO; when in…
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