Things That Make You Go Hmmm? 9.11 Witness Deaths

I still want the truth.  Remember, we are dealing with politicians.

(H/T GL)

By Logistics Monster


  • I realize this is a hot button topic, but I think we all want the truth. A couple of years ago I would not even entertain the thought that this was anything other than what was said. I now know that we are lied to almost about everything so why should this be different?

    Listening to the profiles of these witnesses most are everyday people, why would they lie? Why would a politician lie is a completely different question.

    Who knew what at what point I do not know but I do know that a lot of good people have died after the towers fell and all for speaking out. I wonder when will the politicians realize that the more we are dismissed the deeper we dig, and the more comes to the surface.

    There is a film, I am not going to drop the link here, it is called missing links, watched it on Sunday it is two hours and I learned a lot that I had not come across before. If you are willing to face some cold facts watch the movie, if you really do not believe any of this than chances are you will at least learn some things you did not already know, I did.

    • Ken in IL -

      Thank you for posting this video. This makes the 9/11 caper make sense. It was hard to believe that Bush or the govt was behind it all, but from all the evidence about the collapse, it was obviously a demolition. We have all all been worried about BHO’s dual allegiances without thinking of all the Israeli dual citizens in our govt. One of them can easily be president !!

  • ROFL! I think your server might explode from hosting both this and Beck, Diamond!

    Keep posting; Americans have the right to draw their own conclusions without the help of the government spokespeople and media whores.

    Thanks for the link Kathy!

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    What a dangerous country we live in! Thanks for the link, Kathy, I’ll watch it.

  • California Patriot -

    THANK YOU, DT for posting this video! People are starting to ask questions; it’s about time.

    As you Beck, I am sick and tired of him telling people NOT to consider the birth certificate or 9/11.

    QUESTION BOLDLY everyone; that’s why God gave us brains.

  • I am not shocked by this video, These sort of things that have been going on for decades, in EVERY administration. Who killed the Kennedy’s? Look at all those people who disappeared during the Clinton years, and both the Bush’s hands are covered in blood.

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