Michael Savage On The Tea Parties’ Next Step After Obamacare

I am not familiar with Michael Savage and have not listened to him before, but he has a very interesting thought about what the Tea Parties’ next step should be if Obamacare comes between us, our doctors and wallets. “The tea parties should become an impeachment movement.” The biggest problem with this suggestion is that most of the tea party patriots I know don’t think Obama is eligible to be president and therefore, unimpeachable. That is where the concept of a perp-walk out of the White House is coming from.

(H/T Right Soup)

By Logistics Monster


  • Savage is a huge blowhard with a hot temper. He has some good ideas, and was one of the few telling something close to the truth during the 2008 election, but he’s too much of a wingnut to have any impact.

    Except to plant seeds. He does that well, and I hope he will plant the seed in the minds of the Tea Partiers that they do indeed have real power, no matter how much the politicians, bankers, and media whores scream that we don’t.

    Just remember, if the anointed spokesmob for TPTB says it, they are trying to sell you something. No exceptions.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I am one with the belief that he is un-impeachable. He is not eligible, so therefore the only way to get him out is to throw him out. And every bit of legislation, every executive order that was given while he was in there as a usurper will be null and void.

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