Month: February 2010

Reuters Pulls “Backdoor Tax” Article; Still Found On Yahoo! Canada (UPDATE #2)

In the vein of "things that make you go hmmmm?", Reuters ran a story yesterday which has been subsequently pulled. I found the original on Daily Paul, tracked the second part of the story on Goldtalk Forum, and then found the entire story on Yahoo - CANADA. I find it very interesting that the story was pulled from the American news services, yet left on Canada's.  All one has to do is read the story and realize that Obama is about to break yet another campaign promise. How stupid do they think we are? Here is the original story pieced…
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Glenn Beck, 2.1.2010; How Secure Is Your Freedom?

Glenn has an interesting wrap-up of news stories that came out over the weekend.  He also covers Lech Walesa's statements over the weekend, and Obama's $3.8 Trillion Budget.  Is your hair on fire yet? The word that Glenn is shying away from is "fascist". I will continue to use that word to describe the previous administration and this administration. Check out the related links at the bottom of this post. Part 2, Taking control of a country: Part 3, Where is the left right now?: Part 4, Education, OFA and High School Indoctrination (H/T ATLAS SHRUGS FOR BREAKING THIS STORY):…
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