White House Healthcare Summit Wrap-Up

With the exception of Paul Ryan (R-WI), the only people missing at this table were the American People. Interesting theatre, but do we believe any of what they are selling?

Obama on reconciliation – watch as he chooses his words very carefully in regards to the American people.

Durbin on medical malpractice:

Joe Biden:

John Boehner:

John McCain:

Paul Ryan:

(I’m still looking for Charlie Rangel’s footage – priceless.)

The Monster found entire video for those that haven’t seen the dogs and ponies:

By Logistics Monster


  • Imagine the scene: I was screaming at the TV when the Dems were talking while my wife had her hands over her ears. I had to change the channel for some relief. What some of them said was really infuriating.

    Patriot Room:
    Dems talked 2 hours
    Pubs talked 1:50
    Obama talked 2 hours

    It seems like 2:1 against the Pubs was hardly fair.

    It’s looking more likely that the nuclear option will be used to pass this turkey but even then, they may not have the votes in the House or the Senate.

      • I can only stand so many lies and so much hypocrisy and then I pop my cork. 🙂

        It’s hard to imagine the stress the Pubs endure sitting and listening to that stuff, unable to scream expletives.

  • Granny Grips -

    HEY DT, awesome job again as usual

    linked your web site to my facebook fans.

    everyone should link this and send it around in an email campaign



  • Granny Grips -

    I do have to say, Lamar hit a home run!

    and the RADICAL LIBERALS were too stupid to catach on:

    The good and decent citizens of the USA are so on to these
    corrupt criminals.

  • Well at least all of the BS is on tape, and can be used as evidence against these idiots when they are tried for high crimes and misdemeanors against the Constitution, and the people of this country.

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