Frank Luntz’s Focus Group On Healthcare Summit

Hannity interviewed Frank Luntz and his focus group on their reaction to the White House healthcare summit.

By Logistics Monster


  • This reaction is not a surprise to those who have been paying attention or for DC either. The reaction to watch is what Congress is going to do with what people think.

    Nothing new really the average American speaking almost begging DC to listen. I did not watch all of the coverage as I knew what was relevant I would find here, but one comment about elections have consequences from Obama will play out in November.

    Not only do elections have consequences so does lying, misrepresenting who you are, taking foreign money for your campaign , turning America into a laughing stock around the world, the list goes on and on.

    What Obama fails to recognize is most of America does not operate like Chicago and most of the world does not hate America. There are many countries that would not want to see us fail, as it will affect their own nation.

    So just like the countries Obama goes around saying sorry whatever it is is our fault, to his foreign benefactors I would add, other nations know the worth of the US and I believe feel like we are being sent down a path that nobody voted for.

  • Great clip! I used it in a comment on Partizane (Barry). Those participants really do seem to represent the mood of the country.

  • grannygripes -

    this scary thought came over me as I tuned into the H Scare Summit
    and all of the noise,

    Things are so bad in DC that I think I actually miss, Ji Ma Carter,
    Tricky Dic, Johnson, and of course even Clintoon.

    Someone please tell me that Potus O is not a spoiled brat 2 year old.

    Please also tell me that the world did not see how dumber than utterly stupid Potus O and the democrats are.

    We need to shut down our entire Government and start over in Iowa or Nebraska.

  • Virgil ashford -

    I am a “teaparty member” I am also a republican. The fear of the left is that too many people share the teaparties views. I myself have never in my 62 voting years seen such dirty, lying statements made by any organization as the Democratic party is now spewing. They have become the Socialist Democratic party now as in Hitlers time, and one of the worst things they are doing is to brain wash the older Democratic members of our fathers age into thinking they are still our fathers Democratic party. –I would like for the politico’s to stop with the political correctness and tell it more like it really is. ie. Gov Christies remarks at the Reagan Library. it is time to talk straight. Virgil

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