White House Healthcare Summit Wrap-Up

With the exception of Paul Ryan (R-WI), the only people missing at this table were the American People. Interesting theatre, but do we believe any of what they are selling?

Obama on reconciliation – watch as he chooses his words very carefully in regards to the American people.

Durbin on medical malpractice:

Joe Biden:

John Boehner:

John McCain:

Paul Ryan:

(I’m still looking for Charlie Rangel’s footage – priceless.)

The Monster found entire video for those that haven’t seen the dogs and ponies:

Paul Ryan: Healthcare By The Numbers (VIDEO)

I almost felt sorry for the dems after watching Paul Ryan run through the actual numbers of Obamacare.

The Senate Budget Committee Chairman said this bill is a ponzi scheme that would make Bernie Maddoff proud.

Thaddeus McCotter: “ShamWow Summit”

Thaddeus McCotter has a message for both republicans and democrats – don’t attend Obama’s summit; it’s an infomercial.  Rep. McCotter has quite a few thoughts on the summit’s ‘unfortunate misuse of congressional time and energy’.  He has a great explanation for Americans’ cynicism surrounding Congress, and quotes the Rasmussen Poll which states that only 21% of Americans believe that they are being governed with their consent.

They think that politicians and government is a special interest, and what they are very afraid of is that more politicking, more posturing, more preening, as opposed to actually admitting that either you can agree to something, if not, take it to an election, and get down to the issue of the economy or something where you can agree.

Mr. McCotter may not be watching, but unfortunately we will…

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