Valerie Jarrett: We Need To Find A Simple Way To Communicate

(If you haven’t seen this yet, put down all liquids.  Considering how simple-minded you are, I thought instructions might be handy.)

Valerie Jarrett answered some questions at the John F. Kennedy School of Government on 2.19.2010, and the forum illustrates the differences between intellectuals and the political class, and average every-day American.

The initial question belittling Americans (and which took well over a minute), and Val’s answers on numerous topics are unbelievably offensive on so many levels.  She agrees with Mr. Academia that Tea Party Patriots need simple pamphlets to address lack of knowledge and vocabulary.

News flash for Val; TPPs have known for a very, very long time what cloture and reconciliation are.  Too bad for the rest of the country that it took you getting a job in the White House to learn what those terms mean.  As for Obama not going around Congress on issues, hasn’t he already done that?

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    OMG. To think she is advising our pResident. Just because she is stupid doesn’t mean she should insinuate that we are. And who was that guy who also thinks we are stupid?
    First of all, I don’t think Obama is “so bright” and I doubt very much that his egotistical and narcissist self is very darn self critical.
    Lets get them all out of there! All it would take is a few million people and we have that easy. Smart people, I may add.

  • You know this pisses me off. I left this for Valarie and her “boy.”

    Once again, I’d like to invite the socialist elitist fuckeveryoneuptheassist Zombiecrats to read the Constitution, you know, that little document that all laws are to be measured against…and then come back and tell me: is Obamacare and Cap and Slave and anything this pResident tries to do LEGAL?

    Just give it a read. We “teabaggers” are smart enough to understand it:

  • Part of the burden of being so bright is that he sees his error immediately.

    Not as quickly as I do, Valerie…

    If the pResdient could do it unilaterally, he would have done it a long time ago. I can assure you of that.

    Simple translation for Tea Partiers: He’s a wannbe dictator and all your worst fears about him are true.

  • She is a useful fool, I predict she will be gone but not until after the November elections and then you know she will want to be spending more time with her family…yada yada yada.

  • So we need a simple way to communicate huh? What’s wrong Val is the old leftist standby of emotional sensationalism (ie it’s for the children) not working any more? Once people start making desisions with their mind rather then their heart your game is over…untill step two.

    Step one is positive emotionalism (for the children etc.) its worked for years.
    Step two is negitive emotionalism and we already see shades of it; fully mature such negitive emotionalism, looks alot like 1938-1944 Germany.

    Either way the only occurance of thought and logic in the leftist statist philosophy is how to best expolit the emotions of the masses.

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