(If you haven’t seen this yet, put down all liquids.  Considering how simple-minded you are, I thought instructions might be handy.)

Valerie Jarrett answered some questions at the John F. Kennedy School of Government on 2.19.2010, and the forum illustrates the differences between intellectuals and the political class, and average every-day American.

The initial question belittling Americans (and which took well over a minute), and Val’s answers on numerous topics are unbelievably offensive on so many levels.  She agrees with Mr. Academia that Tea Party Patriots need simple pamphlets to address lack of knowledge and vocabulary.

News flash for Val; TPPs have known for a very, very long time what cloture and reconciliation are.  Too bad for the rest of the country that it took you getting a job in the White House to learn what those terms mean.  As for Obama not going around Congress on issues, hasn’t he already done that?

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