I have been watching the talking heads today, and just realized that maybe you folks might actually want to watch part or all of the proceedings on thursday so as to assess how badly we are about to be raped by the Obama Administration.  Live streaming video will be on C-Span3, here.

The general consensus I have been able to ascertain today is that this ‘summit’ is a dog-and-pony show, photo op for the pResident.

I want to go on record AGAIN as saying this bill still isn’t dead, just like it wasn’t dead before the Christmas Eve vote. They are using this summit to make the republicans continue to look like the ‘party of no’ and then they are going to pass this UNCONSTITUTIONAL Piece of S*** using reconciliation. This summit is about getting ALL the Dems on the same page.

NO PROGRESSIVE PRESIDENT has ever been THIS close to exercising complete control over your life (because you are too stupid to live); Obama, Jarrett, Axelrod, Stern, etc. are NOT going to let it die.  Nope.no.way.no.how!

Which brings me to my second point.  When Obama and crew pass this mandated insurance rape, what are Americans going to do to push back?  National strike, change your W-4’s to the max exemption so as to starve the treasury?  What?  Get our your thinking caps kids…

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