Glenn Beck, 2.24.2010: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Glenn starts out with Valerie Jarrett (and this story), Van Jones being praised, and Congress (owners of GM and Chrysler) grilling Toyota CEO.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6, Valerie Jarrett:

Part 7:

By Logistics Monster

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  • Beck mentioned a book by Carroll Quigley. Look that name up and you’ll see some amazing things. Bill Clinton mentioned him in a speech in 1993, saying he was one of his professors at Georgetown. Two links, the first what Beck said today and the second about Clinton and Quigley:,2933,587374,00.html

    Quigley’s idea of interconnected economies as a way to prevent major wars wasn’t a new one but it’s the same idea behind globalization. The problem is, if one country goes down, others may well follow. If al Qaeda, for example, does something to weaken the economy of a much smaller country than ours, it could have a negative impact on our economy. We’re better off being more independent and more self-sufficient.

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